• Top 6 Interesting and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas For Bride To Be

    Every bride deserves some unique bachelorette party ideas to enjoy the weekend with their girl gang. You wish to make the day special and memorable not only for yourself but also for all the girls attending the party. In this article, you will come across some ideas which will be a little different and exciting for all the girls […]

  • Last Minute Valentines Day Getaway Ideas For Single Women

    Valentines Day is just a day away and all couples are all set with their plans for the day of love. But who said only couples can have fun on this day? For all the single ladies out there, I have a few last minute getaway ideas. Instead of sitting at home, tapping through Snapchat […]

  • PadMan- breaking the ‘pad’ tabboo

    Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, and Radhika Apte starrer PadMan has created a lot of buzz. Directed by R. Balki, this film is based on the life of Padmashri Arunachalam Muruganantham a commoner from Tamil Nadu who came up with low priced sanitary napkins in the villages of India. Meet Arunachalam Muruganantham, the real life #PadMan […]

  • Top 10 Powerful Bollywood Female Characters of 2017

    Movies released in Year 2017 special. Not only that these were successful, intriguing and inspirational, but had really powerful female characters that gave good shape to their box office destiny. Here are the 10 most powerful female characters of 2017 as per THEWOOMAG. Devki in Mom Devki is a ‘mom’ played by Sridevi in ‘Mom” […]

  • Top 15 Design Trends Of 2018

    The year 2017 was a very interesting and exciting one for the design world, as it was filled with new and innovative ideas, alongside some pretty awe-inspiring interpretations of time-honored design principles. Here’s our pick of top 15 design trends for 2018, complete with all the different prints, colors, fabrics and textures that made it […]

  • 4 Keys to A Painless Delivery – A Boon To Your Pregnancy

    Going to be a mommy soon? We are sure you are enjoying each and every day of your pregnancy. But as the time of your baby popping is approaching, the thoughts of unbearable delivery pains must be making you anxious. So, why not explore some ways to help you reduce or avoid labour pain completely? Is […]

  • The Girl Anthem 2018

  • 5 Keys To A Happy and A Successful Marriage For Every Woman

    Marriage is the holy union of two compatible. The mutual love, trust, belief is what keeps them together. But to balance out the negatives, there are positives too. Every marriage undoubtedly has its fair share of ups and downs. Instead of mending it, people these days are ending it. What they need to do is […]

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