• #Meet The Author- Ritu Lalit

    She is polite, poised and seasoned. With her newest work – ‘Wrong, for the right reason’ making buzz in town, Ritu Lalit, author of five fiction books, is all geared up for the success she has deserved. A trailblazer, that she is, for you and me. Marriage, relationship, empowerment and successful writing – know it all  in this […]


    Scarves have been ruling the fashion world for a long time now. From Queen Elizabeth to Alia Bhatt, all ladies have been spotted wearing scarves in one way or the other. Not just the page 3 girls, but those all over have been witnessed amalgamating their look with a scarf. This fad, especially, goes wild […]

  • Meet Sweta Jha – India’s Madhubani Ambassador to Singapore

    Yes, we are referring to Sweta Jha, India’s ambassador of Madhubani Art to Singapore and founder – director of Ttitli, a Gallery of Madhubani Arts in the heart of cultural Singapore. Having been acclaimed for her work, nationally and internationally, the quiet artist buzzes with her work. Over the years, Sweta has given a contemporary touch to otherwise very traditional […]

  • #BizTips – Tips for great Business Networking

    Are you planning to attend a networking event soon? Networking events have special significance for Small Business Owners who are looking for direct leads and need to build new markets. And, each event you attend is an opportunity to build your brand and business. Some people take naturally to networking with their inherent charm and […]


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Flames dancing to the rhythm of the beating heart
A ground stained a deep red of the inhuman’s wine
A withered child lay limp, broken and breathless...



Walking through dingy corridors that echoed cries
The air so still but yet so loud with stories untold
On a termite infested door a soft rap
A coy reply...

Short Stories

Crack on the mirror

Raising the cold blade to her long-lashed lids, she snipped.
Outside the door, a trimmer was heard.
A finger was immersed into a bottle of kohl. There was the...