• Determination wins at Zee India Women Awards 2016

    In a Zee initiative, Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy Union minister for skill development and entrepreneurship, and Yukihiro Kimura, managing director of Unicharm India were there to present the Sofy India Women Awards 2016, 0n 18th January, Monday, to exemplary women from all walks of life. There was a woman who ate grass to live just to […]

  • #BizTips – Tips for great Business Networking

    Are you planning to attend a networking event soon? Networking events have special significance for Small Business Owners who are looking for direct leads and need to build new markets. And, each event you attend is an opportunity to build your brand and business. Some people take naturally to networking with their inherent charm and […]

  • #Recipe: Traditional Plum Cake Christmas at its best

    There are many things that Christmas in incomplete without. The coming of the families together, the opening of gifts with everyone, the weeks of planning, decoration; a little green tree by the corner of the room, the chill in the air and the smell of fresh cake from the oven. And not just any cake […]

  • #DIY – 10 Minutes to 10 years Younger Looking Skin with Wonder Home Remedies

    Here goes the list of you Create your own 10 minutes skin spa. In this era of expensive chemical peels and these are truly wonder remedies Rose Water and Glycerin rejuvenating lotion If you have a dehydrated and scrappy tired looking skin, the rosewater and glycerin lotion will do wonder. Method: Take spoonfuls of rose water […]

  • Malala Yousafzai- THE PERFECT TEEN ICON

    “Education is power for women. The Taliban terrorists don’t want woman to get education because then the women would become more powerful. ”-  Malala We are at a stage in life when we are consciously looking at people around them for inspiration. One such inspirational girl is the Nobel Prize for peace winner Malala Yousafzai […]

  • Wall no 108 at Gurgaon Artistes’ Fest

    Wall no 108 along with a dozen other artist installations at the Gurgaon Artistes’s Fest, an endeavor by Gurgaon Action Plan, steals the show. Theme of the art piece developed by team Manissha Khanna is ‘Essence of Dynamism and Diversity in Gurgaon. “ “I am trying to show that Gurgaon is one city where we […]

  • 10 great affordable Honeymoon Destinations in India

    Embarking on a new journey both literally and metaphorically, life takes a new turn after the wedding. And so it gets necessary to shed all the anxiety and fatigue and escape to one of your favourite destinations. It is time for you to connect and know each other better; spend time in intimacy. India has […]

  • Top 10 books every bride to be should read

    So, you are the bride to be waiting for the wedding day. Wedding can be very exciting but decision and process of getting married can be perplexing. With times relationships have become more complex and our society is more dichotomous. There is anxiety about committing to a lifelong relationship; there is pain of giving up […]

  • # Poem – Oblivion

    Slowly arising from a place Dwells between real and imaginary, Senses are blurred and defences are still down Mind is fervently searching to put It’s anchor of thoughts, someplace. In distant horizon, a vista opens up, With a promise safety and warmth, The mind (can u replace mind with some other word) is drawn to […]


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