• #LoveRecipe – Chocolate fudge for my grandchildren

    I love my grandchildren and will make this special chocolate fudge balls to let them know how much I love them.   Ingredients:   Condensed milk          : 1 tin (400) gms Pasturised butter         : 100 gms. Drinking chocolate      : 100 gms. Cashewnuts                 : 100 gms. Divide in halves   Heat the heavy bottom pan […]

  • #BizTips – Tips for great Business Networking

    Are you planning to attend a networking event soon? Networking events have special significance for Small Business Owners who are looking for direct leads and need to build new markets. And, each event you attend is an opportunity to build your brand and business. Some people take naturally to networking with their inherent charm and […]

  • Top 10 books every bride to be should read

    So, you are the bride to be waiting for the wedding day. Wedding can be very exciting but decision and process of getting married can be perplexing. With times relationships have become more complex and our society is more dichotomous. There is anxiety about committing to a lifelong relationship; there is pain of giving up […]

  • Many of them don’t have any clue of What accessories they should wear!

    “Ouch!”, This is my usual reaction when i see them having such less clue about their accessories. Many a time people may not care too much about what accessories they are carrying. Sometimes they get lazy and wear the same thing everywhere. But, accessorizing outfits has become essential for a complete look for women. Whether it […]

  • #New Year Resolutions – 10 Powerful Women Change Makers Speak Their Mind.

    Every year starts with the new hope and New Year resolutions for everyone. As we talked to some power women, Positivism, Health and better time management remain the biggest priorities for the most. Read more to find out what these influencers have to say – “Procrastinate! I will not do that for sure. There are […]

  • Lilly Singh among Top 30 influencers on internet – Time Magazine

    “Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now.” – says the profile description of Lilly Singh who tweets with the handle @IISuperwomanII The 8th Annual #ShortyAwards will be held on April 11th in NYC. Get your tickets now! 🐳🏆 https://t.co/MVB8jDZYAL pic.twitter.com/JDhKUlryXV — Shorty Awards (@shortyawards) March 16, […]


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