• Farhan Adhuna Divorce – No one’s talking about Adhuna!

    As Farhan (42) and Adhuna(48) called their 16 year relationship a split in public today, whole internet was swamped by news sites talking about it. in the public statement issued by them, they requested people for  privacy. It read, “This is to announce that we, Adhuna and Farhan, have mutually and amicably decided to separate. Our […]

  • #DIY – Making a Shrug from a Scarf

    Step 1- Take a Scarf of any color or pattern Step 2- Fold the scarf into half Step 3- Take two ends of the folded scarf, bring them together and tie them in a knot as shown below Step 4- After tying the knot, open the scarf up and you will see two open sections […]

  • My Friend’s Husband is cheating on her. Should i tell her?

    Hi, I have a very close friend A and another common friend B. Recently, B told me that A’s husband proposed to her for friendship but she refused. I said, “ok”. “Why is she telling me in the first place?”, I thought. May be because I am very close to A and B is just […]

  • 11 Tips to Successfully Market Yourself as Content Writer

    You love to write. You scribble, write facebook notes, tweet your opinions and have a personal blog. But, now you are thinking of taking content writing as full time profession. Why not? It gives you the opportunity to work flexi-time and work-home balance. But, one question that confronts you is – how do I market myself […]

  • #New Year Resolutions – 10 Powerful Women Change Makers Speak Their Mind.

    Every year starts with the new hope and New Year resolutions for everyone. As we talked to some power women, Positivism, Health and better time management remain the biggest priorities for the most. Read more to find out what these influencers have to say – “Procrastinate! I will not do that for sure. There are […]

  • Strange breast disease hits women in Pune

    In October last year, 28-year-old Prajakta Jadhav (name changed), a resident of Bhosari and a teacher by profession, noticed a painful lump in her left breast. “It was swollen and misshapen, there was discharge oozing out. I took some painkillers and hoped it would recede. Instead, it got worse and I became sick and nauseous,” […]

  • Wall no 108 at Gurgaon Artistes’ Fest

    Wall no 108 along with a dozen other artist installations at the Gurgaon Artistes’s Fest, an endeavor by Gurgaon Action Plan, steals the show. Theme of the art piece developed by team Manissha Khanna is ‘Essence of Dynamism and Diversity in Gurgaon. “ “I am trying to show that Gurgaon is one city where we […]

  • When Will I Make News?

    So, Ms. Travel Bee of Meenal Aggarwal of our WOO Community is making news. We are very happy to see her featured in Asian News Channel. Check out Here. As you read this, you might ask yourself when would you make news. When does one make news? I am asking you to answer these questions with to know if you […]

  • Lilly Singh among Top 30 influencers on internet – Time Magazine

    “Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now.” – says the profile description of Lilly Singh who tweets with the handle @IISuperwomanII The 8th Annual #ShortyAwards will be held on April 11th in NYC. Get your tickets now! 🐳🏆 https://t.co/MVB8jDZYAL pic.twitter.com/JDhKUlryXV — Shorty Awards (@shortyawards) March 16, […]


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