• #Meet The Author- Ritu Lalit

    She is polite, poised and seasoned. With her newest work – ‘Wrong, for the right reason’ making buzz in town, Ritu Lalit, author of five fiction books, is all geared up for the success she has deserved. A trailblazer, that she is, for you and me. Marriage, relationship, empowerment and successful writing – know it all  in this […]

  • #Dessert – Orange Pudding – Winter On A Plate –

    Unexpected guests during these holiday months are very common in every household. And if you are known for your baking skills –then perhaps you will not be able to serve store bought desserts to your guests. This is where the mandarin comes to rescue. Oranges and winter are almost synonymous. Although, the concept of seasonal […]

  • Wall no 108 at Gurgaon Artistes’ Fest

    Wall no 108 along with a dozen other artist installations at the Gurgaon Artistes’s Fest, an endeavor by Gurgaon Action Plan, steals the show. Theme of the art piece developed by team Manissha Khanna is ‘Essence of Dynamism and Diversity in Gurgaon. “ “I am trying to show that Gurgaon is one city where we […]

  • When Will I Make News?

    So, Ms. Travel Bee of Meenal Aggarwal of our WOO Community is making news. We are very happy to see her featured in Asian News Channel. Check out Here. As you read this, you might ask yourself when would you make news. When does one make news? I am asking you to answer these questions with to know if you […]

  • I Am A Plus Size and I love it!

    Every time you stand in front of the mirror, do you look down? Every morning, do the numbers on the weighing scale throw a curve ball at you? Are you getting more and more robbed off your confidence to go out and meet people? Are you really letting your curves control your life? Girl…your life […]

  • #LoveRecipe – Chocolate fudge for my grandchildren

    I love my grandchildren and will make this special chocolate fudge balls to let them know how much I love them.   Ingredients:   Condensed milk          : 1 tin (400) gms Pasturised butter         : 100 gms. Drinking chocolate      : 100 gms. Cashewnuts                 : 100 gms. Divide in halves   Heat the heavy bottom pan […]

  • 5 Great Tips for Amazing Redo of your Living Space with Apurva

    Designing up one’s house is a dream but redoing it is a nightmare! However, any positive change in life or in our living space is always welcome. If one has an unusual taste and a flair to be creative to give a new look to your home, then I have gathered for you some interior […]


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