• Lilly Singh among Top 30 influencers on internet – Time Magazine

    “Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now.” – says the profile description of Lilly Singh who tweets with the handle @IISuperwomanII The 8th Annual #ShortyAwards will be held on April 11th in NYC. Get your tickets now! 🐳🏆 https://t.co/MVB8jDZYAL pic.twitter.com/JDhKUlryXV — Shorty Awards (@shortyawards) March 16, […]

  • How To Get Started With Your Business Idea?

    You have an idea, a desire to start something on your own. But the problem is how to get started? You hate your job, can’t stand it anymore, but you are still putting up with it because you are scared. How are you going to pay your bills? Or you don’t know how to get […]

  • #Poem You Are The Woman

    On this International Women’s Day I Dedicate this poem to all AWESOME Women! This is My Life, My Responsibility! You are Love You are Warmth You are Support And Sacrifice Oh! Giver of Birth The Encouragement Of the Mankind You are the Force You are the Fighter And the Shield In Life’s Battles Fierce You […]

  • #BizTips – Tips for great Business Networking

    Are you planning to attend a networking event soon? Networking events have special significance for Small Business Owners who are looking for direct leads and need to build new markets. And, each event you attend is an opportunity to build your brand and business. Some people take naturally to networking with their inherent charm and […]

  • #Book Recommendations: TO SIR, WITH LOVE written by- E.R Braithwaite

    There are stories that shape you as an individual, which inspire you and even define your views on particular things. While it’s quite easy to join the crowd and mock at someone who is different, respecting a person irrespective of their caste, creed, race and sex requires personal and  moral strength. The story is set […]

  • International Women’s Day 2016 celebration by Let’s Give Back

    Let’s Give Back Initiative by Babeetta Sakxena celebrated International Women’s Day 2016 on 3rd March, at India Islamic Cultural Centre. Celebrating WomEnergy, Let’s Give Back announced ‘Restore Dignity Award’. The first recipient was Tara Balgopal, the dancer, who trained Hema Malini but has been leading a miserable life since she lost her husband a few […]

  • #5 Power Dressing Tips – For interviews and business meetings

    Going for a business meeting or a job interview? Confused about what to wear? Knowing that how you dress up speak volumes about you, you may follow these FIVE TIPS and put the right foot forward. Wear what you are comfortable with: When you have to make a choice between a sari, business suit or […]

  • Who doesn’t want to be a wealthy woman? Get your answers from Priyanka Bhatia!

    “This is the first time in India’s history that so many women are earning – probably more than their parents or grandparents. Yet, managing their own money productively is not taught or encouraged in our patriarchal society. Women On Wealth’s  mission is to help women create wealth with our education and training programs. We are not […]

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