• #50WOOIcons2016 – List of 50 women doing extraordinary work

  • DIY:  5 Eye Makeup Looks Everyone can Do Like A Pro

    Putting an eye makeup like a pro is a dream of every girl. It’s not difficult any more with our step by step guide which will definitely leave you speechless and your friends envious. All you need is four things i.e. brow palette, eye liner, eye shadow primers and mascara.  That’s all and now you […]


    Only one day to go for New Year 2017. Everyone is waiting for a whole brand new season with new goals to achieve and new promises to fulfill. But before the year 2016 ends we should look back to the biggest fashion fads of this season. Well the list is pretty big but would downsize […]

  • Can you expect a rape victim to have a photographic memory?

    NEW DELHI:  They gagged her mouth and tore her clothes. The victim of such an incident “cannot be expected to possess photographic memory and state the facts in a parrot-like manner”, and that “minor contradictions are bound to happen if the witness is examined after a lapse of time”,  remarked Additional Sessions Judge Sanjiv Jain said […]

  • Event – Age is No Bar for Art

    If you are an art aficionado, you shouldn’t miss the unique exhibition, Age No Bar – III, at All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg 23rd Dec to 29th Dec 2016. Curated by Joyattam Dutta Roy, this is a group show of Paintings by young child artists. Art Exhibition of students was inaugurated […]

  • 10 Movies You Should Watch This Christmas

    Just grab a cup of eggnog and sit comfortably on your couch tucked in properly to embrace the true essence this holiday season and the fun can be doubled with a perfect movie to match the mood. So here a list of ten movies you should watch this Christmas. These movies would take you to […]

  • Fingers with divine connection

    “I paint using my fingers. That connects me with the divine and I just express my experience and my thoughts onto the canvas, impromptu”, expresses Mona Sikka, an artist who turned her passion into profession. Mona Sikka is a Gurgaon based artist who specializes in abstract art. She started painting around two years ago as […]

  • Warning – Are you sending your child to day care?

    So you are planning to leave your sweetheart to day care where she will spend significant time of the day. In the wake of recently reported incident where a maid abused a 10 month old child in a Karghar (Mumbai) based day care , though this was not the first such, it becomes crucial for […]

  • Horrifying – Day care maid assaults 10 month old infant

    Khargar, Mumbai: In a horrifying incident reported last night, a helper in day care in Kahrgar beat a 10 month old infant leaving the kid with severe injuries. Look at this brutal video. This woman’s barbaric behavior could’ve cost the infant its life. WARNING: THIS VIDEO HAS DISTURBING VISUALS When the mother reached to pick […]

  • Movie Reviews – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

    Since ADHM – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been released, i have not been able to make up my mind if I should watch the show. Thanks to all the negative publicity. So, I decided to ask my Facebook friends for any good reviews of the movie. And, i got these replies..Check out Apparently, the […]

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