• #MyStory – How I Redefined My Career, My Life?

    Just like most other women in India who must rethink their career options after marriage, I also found myself in the same situation. After one year break, I just couldn’t get back to my corporate job. I felt shattered and lost hope for my career. In my heart, I couldn’t afford to lose myself.  To […]

  • Ivanka Trump Energizes Women Entrepreneurs at GES Summit 2017 Hyderabad

    “Women should chart their own ways “, Ivanka motivated women to take initiatives for their own lives at three days Global Entrepreneurship Summit starting Tuesday in Hyderabad, India. Theme of the summit is with theme Women First, Prosperity for All “I encourage everyone here to come together, learn from each other and find new ways to […]

  • Wedding Fitness Plan For The Bride To Be

    So, the countdown to your wedding has already started and you want to look pretty and fit by the D-Day. No need to freak out if you are left with fewer days. We have a plan for you – the bride to be!  Just follow this to have a perfectly toned, wedding-ready body. This workout […]

  • 5 Top Reasons for Women to Explore Scuba Diving

    This age women have beaten more stereotypes than ever e.g. women are weak, women are too emotionally unstable, are too “girly” for outdoor adventures, etc. Women have also proven themselves in many fields considered as male-dominated fields as physics, engineering, law, aviation, and many more. Truly, sky is the limit for women. Now, we challenge […]

  • 3 Entrepreneurs And How They’ve Changed The Wedding Industry

    The wedding industry is one that has been around for centuries. Yet, these 3 women have swept in, putting their ideas into various niches, and have revolutionised the way weddings happen. Kalyani Khona and Inclov: Matrimonial sites in India are nothing new. But one specifically for the disabled, and one that helps them find romance […]

  • #ShortStory – MY ACHY TECHY LOVE

    Love isn’t restricted because of anything today. We met on Facebook. We had 7 mutual friends and we both liked the same bands and books, and I was curious so I sent him a friend request. He accepted it, and we started talking. My god, the way we talked. We spoke about everything under the […]

  • 10 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Life Partner

    So, you think you’ve found the one, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But you want to be sure about it before you take a plunge. How would you know? Here are 10 signs for you to know you have found your perfect life partner. You can share anything […]

  • 10 Great Movies On Relationships For Brides To Be

    Those fights and making up, struggling and overcoming, ups and downs, cold and warmth, hate and love and eternal love. As we watch movie characters fight for their love and overcome complications it leaves us spellbound. They bring several colours of relationships. They give us hope. They make us believe in ‘love’. It’s funny how […]

  • 10 Things Parents Must Train Their Children In

    Children’s Day Special – “Geniuses are made, not born”, these are the words of Laszlo Polgar, a Hungarian educational psychologist. In his book, Bring Up Genius, he proposes that with hard work, children can be raised to become geniuses. He experimented with his three daughters and raised all of them to become chess prodigies. Childhood […]

  • 10 beauty products to amp up your looks this wedding season

    I hear wedding bells! Yes, it’s the wedding season and it’s about time that you get your beauty products ready for it. You would want your look to be glowy and shimmery, just perfect for weddings. So here is a list of 10 such beauty products that will help you get the perfect look. The […]


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