• 7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation among Women

    Inflammation in the body does not choose age or gender, but since we women do tend to eat our feelings, we can go overboard with the gluten and dairy and suffer from certain ailments related to inflammation. This only means you have to be more careful in choosing what you put in your mouth. We […]

  • 10 dress slim strategies for you to look good with weight

    Is your weight bothering you? Do you try hard to hide it by wearing oversized clothes, Dark/Dull Colours? Is it causing depression  What you wear will ultimately impact your psyche. So if you wear something boring you will not feel energetic and good about yourself.  I want you to know that you can look good […]

  • Art from the soul

    Amrit has had no formal education or training in art but that has never limited her expression of how she perceives the world around her. In the true essence of the meaning of her name ‘Nectar of Life’, Amrit spreads the nectar of her selfless love, her innocence, and her gentility and touches the very […]

  • Phagun Rang Dhoom

    On Saturday 18th March, there was celebration and jubilation all around with art, music, dance and bright colours, lightening up the President’s Estate and filling the air with the fragrance of tradition and Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb. There was revival of Indian culture with celebrated artists coming together on the same platform. One such artist was […]

  • World’s most powerful women in Tech

    There are powerful women that are climbing up the high ranks in the tech industry. These women have made significant differences in the companies where they hold very important positions. They wowed their colleagues with the amount of dedication they poured into their jobs and came out stronger every time. Take for example what Melinda Gates has done […]

  • 5 worst packing problems every girl can relate to

    For all the girls who travel- doesn’t packing give you anxiety? For most girls packing is a stressful affair. There is so much of planning and thought process involved. It’s like first day of college all over again, how to dress up? Which shoes to wear? How to accessorize? And on it goes. But wait, […]

  • 10 Most Romantic Valentines Day Quotes Video

  • 10 most lovable and funny valentines quotes

    Wacky, lovable, laughable. These heart warming valentines quotes on love, relationship, marriage, you and him will definitely bring smile to you. You wouldn’t wait to share with your dear valentine. Would you?  1. There’s no perfect qualification for perfect one. There are just some preconceived notions. 2. What do you trust more – heart or […]

  • 6 home decor items can bring home love this Valentines Day

    Home is where love is! A sanctuary for you and for him. A home where you find laughter and peace. What if you add a dash of elegance to liven up the romance? Yes! Gift your home some fantabulous items from House of Joy this Valentine’s Day and make your home a loving paradise.  You surely don’t need to […]

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