• 10 beauty tips for the brides to be

    As they say, a girl looks the prettiest on her wedding day, which is also the most special day of her life. On this day, everything about the bride, from head to toe matters. Every accessory will add to the beauty of the bride. But a lot goes into making her look so charismatic. So […]

  • #Dessert – Orange Pudding – Winter On A Plate –

    Unexpected guests during these holiday months are very common in every household. And if you are known for your baking skills –then perhaps you will not be able to serve store bought desserts to your guests. This is where the mandarin comes to rescue. Oranges and winter are almost synonymous. Although, the concept of seasonal […]

  • #DIY – 10 Minutes to 10 years Younger Looking Skin with Wonder Home Remedies

    Here goes the list of you Create your own 10 minutes skin spa. In this era of expensive chemical peels and these are truly wonder remedies Rose Water and Glycerin rejuvenating lotion If you have a dehydrated and scrappy tired looking skin, the rosewater and glycerin lotion will do wonder. Method: Take spoonfuls of rose water […]

  • #Poem – There is another dimension my existence has….

    There is another dimension my existence has, Where I am not conflicted and exist as I should,  peaceful and content. Where the wind beneath my wings nudges me softly to soar in the bluest of vista. Here the kaleidoscopic sky leaps down my window, telling me stories of a different time. Yes,there is another dimension […]

  • #Poem You Are The Woman

    On this International Women’s Day I Dedicate this poem to all AWESOME Women! This is My Life, My Responsibility! You are Love You are Warmth You are Support And Sacrifice Oh! Giver of Birth The Encouragement Of the Mankind You are the Force You are the Fighter And the Shield In Life’s Battles Fierce You […]

  • #Book Recommendations: TO SIR, WITH LOVE written by- E.R Braithwaite

    There are stories that shape you as an individual, which inspire you and even define your views on particular things. While it’s quite easy to join the crowd and mock at someone who is different, respecting a person irrespective of their caste, creed, race and sex requires personal and  moral strength. The story is set […]

  • How many more Pratyushas?

    Hundreds of Pratyushas travel aboard the tinsel town train everyday, some reach to queue up outside the TV production houses for hours and days to get one role, some get, few get good ones, a number of them shoot to fame only to inspire many others to follow, and many enter into endless oblivion. Competition […]

  • Day 2 – Women Economic Forum

    The beginning of day 2 was alive with vibrant sessions at the Women Economic Forum covering Fitness, Holistic Healthcare, Primary Education, International Security, Business Branding and much more! The abundance of tremendous positive vibes are making this event a most vibrant experience! The music and dance performance by”Druse Debka’ and the song of Andrea Smith were […]


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