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10 dress slim strategies for you to look good with weight

Is your weight bothering you? Do you try hard to hide it by wearing oversized clothes, Dark/Dull Colours? Is it causing depression  What you wear will ultimately impact your psyche. So if you wear something boring you will not feel energetic and good about yourself. 

I want you to know that you can look good with your weight around. First thing first, you need to accept yourself. And, try these ‘dress slim strategies’ which you can incorporate to look good even with that extra Weight meanwhile you work on yourself with exercising and diet:-

1) Dominant Jewelry Pieces:
dominant jewelry piecesBring attention upwards to your face with Dominant jewellery pieces placed above the bust level. Wear larger , bolder earrings and Long pendants or rope necklaces. This will take attention away from the weight problem

long pendants 1
2) Empire waist, Shirt waist and Drop-Waist Dressesempire waist dresses

Go for Empire waist, Shirt waist and Drop-Waist Dresses if you have weight typically around your belly. Empire waist dresses are tight just below the bust whereas Drop-waist dresses are designed in a way that they fit loosely from shoulder to hip, transitioning into a pleated or gathered skirt at the hip, rather than the natural waistline.

3) Monochromatic Outfits

monochromatic outfits

One color head to toe would make the body look taller and leaner

4) Semi-fitted Clothing Styles

Semi -fitted peach Maxi Dress
Semi -fitted peach Maxi Dress

Source : Amazon Fashion

Go for Semi-fitted Clothing Styles rather extremely loose or extremely tight styles of clothing. Extremely loose or tight fitted clothes make the figure look disproportionate

5) Scarf on one shoulder


Long Scarf hung or draped over one Shoulder distracts the attention away from the Weight problem

6) High Waist Skirt: 

skirt with high waist

Longer Skirt with a high waist or wide belt gives an illusion of slimmer waistline, you can add a tummy tucker if you are comfortable

7) V-neckline or V-neck collar openings give a slimming effect


Source- Amazon Fashion

8) Wraps or Surplice Tops


Diagonal Wraps, Surplice Tops or Dresses also give slimming effect

9) Long or dress length Duster or Shrugs


10) Shift or Chemise Dresses

shift dresses

Shift Dress simply falls straight down from your shoulders, meaning it’s a bit more flowy over your hips and waist

Last but not the least you will truly feel beautiful when you let go all of the negative emotions, eat healthy, exercise daily and laugh even if there is no reason or occasion. Thank god each day for giving you the life you have as a lot of people may not have what you have.


About the author

Nidhi Jagtiani

Nidhi Jagtiani

Nidhi Jagtiani is a Certified Image Consultant and founder of Image Redefined, Gurgaon. She helps her clients to redefine their styles and personalities so that they can excel in their fields of works.

Nidhi Jagtiani is a Pioneer in India to introduce and design a course on Personal Styling and Image Enhancement for most renowned Fashion Designing College of India, Pearl Academy of Fashion. Nidhi is also associated as a Grooming Faculty for T-Series StageWorks founded by Bollywood Singer Mrs Tulsi Kumar where she has been training upcoming Models and Actors on Personality Development and Confidence Building.

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