10 Movies You Should Watch This Christmas

10 movies for Christmas watching

Just grab a cup of eggnog and sit comfortably on your couch tucked in properly to embrace the true essence this holiday season and the fun can be doubled with a perfect movie to match the mood. So here a list of ten movies you should watch this Christmas. These movies would take you to a nostalgic journey and are the best way to end the year with. Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones and ideal time to create some great memories together. So go ahead and watch these movies with your loved ones and go on a roller coaster ride of memories.

1) Peanut movie
The Peanut movie is the ideal one. We all grew up reading the comic strip and it would be definitely a walk down the memory lane and with the song better when I am dancing, the movie is a must watch this Christmas.

2) The Grinch
Jim Carry starrer “The Grinch” is one of those movies where his acting mettle was proven with time and again. It was a story of a Grinch, who lived on the outskirt of Whoville, planned to ruin the Christmas holiday of denizens of the town.

3) Home Alone
The 90’s movie we all grew up watching is the till date the best adventurous Christmas themed movie and is followed by two sequels. Beautifully filmed in New York City, it was an exciting adventure of a small witty kid “Kevin” and how he keeps his spirit high. Christmas is incomplete without this movie.

4) ELF
The ideal Christmas themed movie where the protagonist was a man but still he was raised by the Elfs of North Pole and the movie is Considered to be Will Ferrell’s one of the best and funniest performance he had ever given.

5) The Polar express
One of the best Christmas themed animated movies ever made. It’s a perfect movie to watch during Christmas. It comes with a message .It’s a story of a young boy who get on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole. Throughout the journey he learns a lot about the Christmas spirit.

6) The incredibles
Super heroes went underground and were compelled to adopt a civilian identity and stuck in a white-collar job, but Mr. Incredible started missing those gone glorious days of a super hero so when again knocked with such an opportunity he grabbed it without giving it a second thought and the trouble begins .This movie is all about a family how a family takes up the risk to save a member.

7) Joyeux Noel

It described about the Christmas Eve of World War 1.Story of three soldiers meeting peacefully in no man’s land despite of their squabble.

8) The Santa Clause
Tim Allen starrer comedy has two interesting sequels and all these are must watch as far as Tim Allen’s acting skill is considered it will leave you amazed.

9) The family Stone
Everyone tries to fit in may be in school , college or in a family but did you ever imagined what happens when a successful girl finds herself totally misfit for the family of the boy whom she’s going to marry. It’s a journey of a girl which would leave you speechless and an ideal watch during the Christmas.

10) I’ll be home for the Christmas
It’s a family comedy of 1998 which deals with a 18 year old boy who haven’t been to his home since his mother passed away and his father remarried.

So what are you waiting for “get, set, watch and let the holiday spirit find you”.




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