10 Pictures worth Ten Thousand Words To A Freer You

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I surprise myself as to the versatility of this one-word freedom as I even think of it. And, in so many ways I find myself linking me and many other like me to everyday anecdotes of our lives that point only towards one thing – our Freedom. What cost do we pay for it? Is it for real? Or, is it some delusional world we believe in. As I walked through the events of the last week in my life, I handpicked a few shots that I took. And as I glanced through them, I found each one talking to me, telling me stories. Each one reaching out to me with its own version, which was in many ways, mine too and as you read on, you may find them your version too.

I want to break free-swans-freedom-priya-Chhabra-Photography-thewoomag-freedom-writing-contest-top-magazine-for-modern-women

Yes. I no longer want to belong to another. I want to be myself. I want to explore the world, go to lands less traveled and take adventures never taken. I want to fly as I please because I want to be free, free not to follow but be my own tribe which is me …all me !!



And then, at that age when you were there thinking. When instead it was your turn to be pampered, loved and nurtured for the all the love you had shown and the sacrifices you made. Those shoulders now tired and huddled under the pressures of the many years. And you lived as you were told and as you saw ….paving the way, as your little stars rose high up in the sky ..gleaming and shining in your eyes too. Sacrificing the littlest of your joys to make theirs your own. If only you were free to think a bit …a bit for yourself, you’d be free now to scream out loud ….we are an older version of you.



Freedom …to be happy at will. To be happy for nothing at all.  That’s a bit rare … happy for nothing ?? Yes! There are those moments when the soul smiles and the world smile back. They are left with no choice but to return the favour ….and suddenly I  thought how wonderful the world would be if every other person around me was happy for nothing … and the rest were compelled to return the favour …!!



Can I pray as per my will? Can I not be judged for my belief in religion and spirituality? Can I be just spiritual and not religious? A question that arises many a time – Who decides if I’m religious enough or no wait, spiritual enough? Can I pray without fear? Can I pray with that free spirit? Can I have freedom for my soul?



When your soul speaks to you, it Looks at you with those searching eyes Is this you? Or perhaps an amalgamation of who you should be. Have you found yourself or like many of us still searching? If you still are, it’s ok. It really is. You will find yourself sooner or later. The important thing being you are free to seek. So seek all you can and shine on



When you are free to grow, grow in smiles, grow in leaps and bounds, making your own paths, setting your own limits and in your full glory, happy to face the sunshine or turn away. Grow strong enough to bear the winds of hardship, not flinching one bit, growing stronger and stronger moving ahead in your journey but so joyously as it’s what you chose to become, it’s your path and only yours to walk and achieve.


So when the river flows we ask from it which way do you go? …which land do you belong to? Are you Indian? Or, maybe not. When you see such a huge country with such diversity ….It does cross your mind… Where is the unity? When people are being divided and further subdivided as a majority and a minority and a land where you may be discriminated on the basis of your physical appearances…? Questioning your very identity? Can The way you look make you any less Indian?


In this land of over a billion people, myths and superstitions far supersede the logical mind. Despite scientific and economic advancements, we still plagued by irrational beliefs, customs, traditions, and ideologies. The modern India shuns many of these, but still very silently either follows or is a silent spectator to such practices. It takes a will to break the taboos, the shackles. Free to express or create your own new ideologies, After all, we also do make our own destiny, isn’t it? It all starts from freeing the minds.



Just then the waves spoke to me and they said “…We see cheer ..We see joy ..We see smiles …Show them to the world what so easily shows in your eyes …let them not be inhibited ..let them learn to smile, to laugh, to rejoice. Be free to laugh …be free to feel “.


And, there she was, smiling at me, as beautiful as ever, with or without her imperfections, so happy and so pretty. The perfect example of the Indian Women clad in our gorgeous nine yards with her head in the customary ghoonghat, all the proofs of her being married, the certifications as I call them, all in place. She sat there with the mobile in her hand and the attitude that I’m here. No, I haven’t left behind any tradition or customs that are expected of me, but I’m here ready to take on the newer world with its complexities. No, I don’t want to be left behind. And I thought what makes her smile so beautiful …and of course it was just her happy self …beaming freely from within.

Today, that is my wish for every woman around me, every woman I know and all those reading this right now ..may we have the ability to shun all the negativity around us. We are stronger than we can ever imagine.. so go on ..and shine like stars now and forever !!

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Priya Chhabra

Priya Chhabra

Armed with a degree in Fine Arts, a Post Grad in Business Administration, I had a sprawling career in PR for 15 years. After a short sabbatical, I have turned my passion for arts into profession, and now, work as full time photographer.

When I became a Mother, I realized life` s moments don’t last forever but memories do. Capturing special moments in time is such a timeless and precious gift. I specialise in fine art portraiture with maternity, newborn, baby, child and family life inspired portraiture as my key areas. My style of photography is natural , timeless and fun .

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