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4 Ways to Style Bold Colours for Work that Every Woman Should Know

thewoomag-4 ways to style bold colours-for work-ombrelane
4 ways to style bold colours for work-ombrelane

As the trends of 2017 – 18 fashion week begin to emerge, women’s wear has become the talk of the town, even more so, the workwear for the modern woman. An initial counterpart to the male standards of dressing, women’s workwear has now moved on to bolder forms that display the femininity of women within the norms of the industry they are a part of.

One of these trends is the addition of bolder colours, which has slowly seen acceptance in a previously male dominant corporate world. The difficulty with bold colours is that, if not styled in the correct form, it can look loud. We, at  Ombré Lane, recommend some styling tips that you can follow to keep the bold, beautiful:

  1. Subtle Pairings

Subtle Pairings-picture-ombrelane-office-wear-for-women-thewoomag
Ombré Lane Floral Orange Silk Shirt

The best method for the bold colour to make a statement is to pair it up with one of the neutral colours like black, white or even brown. Creating a focal point for the eye, one bold colour would attract the right kind of attention without the worry of being too loud

2. Complementary Shades

Complementary Shades-picture-courtesy-ombrelane- thewoomag-top-magazine-for-women-women-fashion
Ombré Lane Royal Blue Peplum Blouse


If you prefer to pair your bold colours with other shades instead of neutral, pick a shade that is complementary to the other. A complementary shade can belong to the same family of colours, for example, pairing a blue blouse with a light blue trouser or even a mustard colour cigarette pants, depending on the type of flair you’re going for.

3. Minimal Accessories

Minimal Accessories-picture-courtesy-ombrelane-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-women-women-fashion
Ombré Lane Yellow Satin V Neck Blouse

As the colour has to be the hero of your outfit, pairing it up with minimal accessories is an important quotient. Put together simple and subtle jewellery like pendant chains or stud earrings that balance the colours while bringing your outfit together. If you prefer dangling earrings or a heavy neckpiece, make that your only piece of accessory with the outfit. Less is always more.

4. Understated Shoes

Understated-Shoes-picture courtesy - ombrelane
Ombré Lane Maroon Knee Length Pocket Dress

While picking out your shoes for the outfit, pick the heel height you’re comfortable with but pay attention to the colour you’re choosing. You can either pick out one of the neutral or a pastel shade that matches with your lower garment. if you’re opting for a printed pair of heels, make sure that it includes hints of one colour from your outfit.

To make the bold beautiful, it is essential that you follow the norms of colour coordination. Portray your feminine characteristics in a manner that generates the right impression for your persona. We, at Ombré Lane, have included several bold colours that you can choose to sport as your workwear by following these few simple techniques and build a colour friendly work wardrobe.

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Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma

Co-founder and CEO, Ombré Lane – Versatile Workwear for Women, Shweta is an MBA from The Wharton School and a graduate of IIT Bombay. She has over 12 years of experience in e-commerce, Retail and management consulting. She managed product and marketplace at Flipkart and headed business at Nykaa before launching Ombré Lane.

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