5 Top Reasons for Women to Explore Scuba Diving

Featured image 5 Top reasons for women to explore scuba

This age women have beaten more stereotypes than ever e.g. women are weak, women are too emotionally unstable, are too “girly” for outdoor adventures, etc. Women have also proven themselves in many fields considered as male-dominated fields as physics, engineering, law, aviation, and many more. Truly, sky is the limit for women. Now, we challenge women to try yet another milestone – scuba diving!

Here are five top reasons for women to try scuba diving and explore the world underneath:

  1. You will experience a world without societal pressures.


Society throws impossible standards on women. Underwater, there are no such pressure; that is, apart from the natural water pressure, and your responsibility towards your safety, and assurance of a lifetime experience.  There you are more aware of yourself and your surroundings; the quiet depths of the ocean, the systematic life in the marine, and the distinct interaction among humans and animals. You may simultaneously feel satisfied and slightly overwhelmed from being completely aware of your environment, which is a scary thing on land, especially late at night, without companions dropping you off at home.

  1. Explore Nature and Beat More Stereotypes


What can be better way to beat female stereotypes of being too fragile to experience nature and outdoor adventures than scuba diving? You get to learn all the essential and technical information during scuba diving classes, be with nature underwater, and have a story to tell your family, friends, and coworkers after.

Also, try to see for yourself whether women truly are better at buoyancy and air consumption regulation than men!

  1.       Be ‘You’, Underwater


Underwater, you get to be just ‘you’; no one’s sister, no one’s mom, no one’s wife. You are without typical societal labels either degrading you or inviting men to do so. You are you, with the ocean, and its magnificent creatures all colliding under depths of glorious water. Of course, you would not be able to awe in the water’s beauty away from the right place. Do your research online, and ask away friends and coworkers for diving sites. There are renowned diving sites all over the world, complete with their very own informational websites.

  1.       You Can Play Mermaid
Yes, you can find a mermaid

Image source: It’s true, you can find a mermaid

Admit it, once or many more times have you wondered how it would be like to be a mermaid. Pretend you have a wonderful voice, play with your long and lustrous hair, and just go about the depths of the ocean pretending to talk to sea creatures, and exploring with them. If you are lucky, you may have a glimpse or interact with Sebastian and Flounder underwater, and maybe Ursula too. Yes,

In addition to playing the fantasy, you also get a good dose of underwater exercise out of the dive; health and experience in one stone!

  1.       You Get to Be the Strong Independent Woman That You Truly Are


How is this possible underwater you ask? Although your diving instructor and other members of their diving team are bound to assist and watch over you, you are still taught skills to apply during the dive. In some levels, you are responsible for your safety in the water, especially on applying earlier lessons from your scuba diving courses; the remaining is shouldered by the diving team i.e. the quality and state of your underwater diving gears.

During your dive, you can ultimately test your comprehension of your scuba diving lessons via an application, and decide if you better get more classes or look for another instructor.

So, are you ready yet?

Let us know in the comments section, your experience of scuba diving or if you would like to explore it.

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