5 worst packing problems every girl can relate to

5 PACKING PROblem every girl can relate to

For all the girls who travel- doesn’t packing give you anxiety? For most girls packing is a stressful affair. There is so much of planning and thought process involved. It’s like first day of college all over again, how to dress up? Which shoes to wear? How to accessorize? And on it goes. But wait, this planning is not just for a day but it is for the entire stay at your destination. So here are 5 worst packing problems every girl can relate to.

  1. How much to pack

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After making a mental note of all the clothes and assembling them in her head, a girl starts to second guess herself. “This tee will look amazing with this pair of jeans. Wait what if I don’t feel like wearing that tee on that day? What if I spill coffee all over it? Maybe I should carry another tee that will look perfect on this pair of jeans. Ugh! Now I have to carry an extra pair of sneakers because I am so not pairing them up with this other tee if at all I wear it.” #relatable

  1. Shoes shoes and shoes 

    shoe-packing-Can you drop even a single pair-of-shoe
    Can you drop even a single pair?

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Girls, don’t deny the fact that you assign a particular pair of shoes to every outfit. Here one outfit one pair is the formula. Shoes do take up a lot of space, don’t they? But you gotta pack ‘em all.

  1. Cosmetic and accessory packing


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Like every outfit needs a different pair of shoes it also needs a different set of accessories to go with it. Duh! That is so obvious. You have the actual outfits then you have the spare outfits and you have a set of accessories for every one of them too. Now don’t even get me started on packing cosmetics. Concealer, foundation, compact powder, eye shadow kit, lip balm, lipsticks, mascara, eye liner, nail polish…and on it goes. But the real problem is packing them. How is a girl supposed to pack all of this in a pouch? The whole vanity box HAS to be taken.

  1. Actually packing all the stuff



From #1 #2 and #3 you can imagine the heap of things to be packed and the size of the suitcase(s). Any idea how the girl has so many clothes, shoes and cosmetics? The answer is she loves to shop (obviously). So, this means that naturally she will go out for shopping at the destination city which means she will need extra space to pack all her shopping. Therefore, she either takes an extra suitcase or packs her actual stuff in a bigger suitcase which has a lot of space reserved for her future shopping. Now do you get the amount of thought that is put into packing?

  1. Is something missing?


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After the huge suitcase is packed, deep  down a voice says “something is missing”. The girl is confused as she is trying to think of the missing ‘something’ but all in vain. Every necessary (or deemed necessary) thing is packed. Most of the times it is just her delusional mind but if she really did forget something there is no way that she will remember it before she has reached halfway to her destination.





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