6 home decor items can bring home love this Valentines Day

Home is where love is! A sanctuary for you and for him. A home where you find laughter and peace. What if you add a dash of elegance to liven up the romance? Yes! Gift your home some fantabulous items from House of Joy this Valentine’s Day and make your home a loving paradise.  You surely don’t need to be a shopaholic not to resist buying these lovely little things. 

  1. Lotus Candle Light Stand

    Light some sweet perfume candles in this pair of Lotus Candle Light Stand for that perfect candle light dinner with him and make your memories last forever.

    Lotus-Candle- T-Lite- by- House-of- Joy-Valentines-Day-Home-Decor-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-modern-women
    Lotus Candle T-Lite by House of Joy


  2. Love Lanterns

    You can really experiment with these love – lanterns. Place them in the balcony or even at the center of your coffee table. Or, don it on your bed’s  side table to warm up the romantic evening. All your choice.  



    Love Lanterns
    Love Lanterns


  3. Starter Tray/Platter  

    Serve him specially made paneer ( Cottage Cheese) or chicken tikka in this chrome plated platter. They will definitely look tastier!

    Chrome Plated Starter Serving Tray by- House-of- Joy-Valentines-Day-Home-Decor-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-modern-women
    Chrome Plated Starter Serving Tray


  4. Gold Bar Set

    Valentines without wine? Add royal touch by adding this Highly Gold Bar Set on the table.

    Gold Bar Set- by- House-of- Joy-Valentines-Day-Home-Decor-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-modern-women
    Gold Bar Set


  5. Copper Wine Goblets

    Couple his surprise with panache. Gift him this set of copper wine goblets only for such sacred moments between you two. 

    home-decor-valentine-Gift-item-Copper wine-goblets-by- House-of- Joy-Valentines-Day-Home-Decor-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-modern-women
    Copper Wine Goblets for gifting


  6. Hip Flask Key Ring

    Looking for him? Gift this small yet cute hip flask key ring this Valentines Day and make him feel special. 

    hip-flast-keyring-home-decor-valentine-Gift-item-by- House-of- Joy-Valentines-Day-Home-Decor-thewoomag-top-magazine-for-modern-women
    Hip Flask Key Rings for gifting


This post was sponsored by House Of Joy



House of Joy is a happy place for all décor junkies who relish in creating happy homes. We are all about those quirky and edgy products that give a different meaning to the ‘art of home making’. We, at HJ offer a wide range of lifestyle product categories such as Home accessories, Kitchenware, barware, Décor Items and Pet Products. Our products craft a beautifully designed story of Home, Joy and Love. We believe in spreading Joy through these stories!

Wattsapp 9568809994 if you wish to buy any of the above products and make yours a house of joy.


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