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Hi, I am THEWOOMAG A CEO, MD, employee and a housewife Working and working all my life Have you heard of a woman not working? I am single, I am married I am a full time Mommy And a Careerist I love to cook and I hate to What difference does all that make? Just look at me- I am loved and Heart Broken I am Beautiful and Beautiful Inside Bold, Recluse or the Socializing A Feminist, Fashionista and Foodie Straight forward, Simple and Witty Shopaholic and Savvy Meaningful and looking for Meaning in Life I am Free, I am trying to Break Free I am All of You All I am All about You I Am THEWOOMAG The Spirit of an Independent Woman! You can get to know more about you, I mean me. Simply, write to me at info@thewoomag.com Begin your journey within! Loads of love Yours truly, logo-small




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