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DIY:  5 Eye Makeup Looks Everyone can Do Like A Pro

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Putting an eye makeup like a pro is a dream of every girl. It’s not difficult any more with our step by step guide which will definitely leave you speechless and your friends envious.

Eye Make Up Kit
Eye Make Up Kit

All you need is four things i.e. brow palette, eye liner, eye shadow primers and mascara.  That’s all and now you are ready to create a magic. If you are a brush person then use your brushes to create the master stroke. You can play around and experiment with the look but make sure it is neat so that the look which you created is really alluring.

This diagram for eye makeup may come as very handy for any novice to apply eye make up like a professional makeup artist.

basic eye diagram for makeup
Basic eye diagram for makeup

Image Source: Beautyamare

Few of the following eye make ups you can try:

The smoky eye look:

It is the most simple eye makeup and ideal for party .There are two methods of doing this, one is 2 or 3 shade method where we use the darkest shade on the crease of eyes other is 1 shade method where you apply the only dark shade available with you .

Smoky Eyes
Smoky Eyes

Image Source: Teaseandmakeup

The Party Look:

Instead of classic black liner use coloured liners like green or blue or brown, even try and experiment different shades other then these colours. Ideal for your night out. So, go get the look girls.

Eye Make up for party
Eye Make up for party


Image Source: UK Fashion Design

Dramatic winged look:

Create some drama with winged eyes, so don’t hesitate to try out these. The ideal is the cat’s eye which is the simple winged look, as you master the look then you can draw creative and open wings or double wings.

Wimged eye liner
Wimged eye liner

Image Source: lovecraftnwitchheart

The minimalist look:

With minimum number of products you can also survive and at the same time look good. For this you need just two things i.e. a kajal and a lipstick of your choice, so just apply the lipstick in circular motion on the eyelid using your finger tips to replace the eye shadow then put kajal instead of liner and there you go ready to flaunt your minimalist look.

Image Source:

Golden Look:

Brighten your look with this golden under liner.  Just take a golden liner and define your eyes by drawing a thin line along the lower lashes. Afterwards use your finger tips to smudge it so as to get a soft finish.

Golden Look Eye make Up
Golden Look Eye make Up

Try these 5 make up looks each time you go go out and see how it works.






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