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Event – Connect with the roots, Jad se, Judein to celebrate Mother’s Day

Recently, Let’s Give Back, an initiative by Babbetta Sakxena, launched Initiative Jad sey Judein…Let’s Connect with the Roots, at Mosaic Hotel in Noida on Saturday 14th May.

mothers day contest by babetta sakxena



Nothing could be better to way celebrate the journey of motherhood than through the concept, Jad sey Judein , connect with the Roots, the best way to honour our mothers, our roots, foundation and origin.


Earlier when people lived in large families, there was a sense of comfort, which today has gone. Everybody’s a migrant, most are living by themselves, and now that sense of comfort and security comes from going ‘Back to our Roots’. When we hit the millennium, everybody was so excited about the future and now all of us are so scared of it because nothing’s going right. So where do we escape, but to the past- Connect with the Roots., Jad sey Judein.


The Launch was celebrated with the Roots, our Mothers. It was celebration of the journey of motherhood, journey of a lifetime.


An eclectic mix of eminent Social workers, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Artists joined hands to celebrate another beginning towards a better world, a better Society. These women will not wait for the perfect moment, as it never comes, but will take any moment and make it perfect.


Let’s Give Back Initiative is a  Social Entrepreneurial venture by  Babeetta Sakxena to focus on the upliftment of society by bringing a radical change; and to act on an opportunity or idea and bring something new in the society. She is in the business of curating events and using the platform to highlight social causes and promote creativity in a big way.


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