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Fashionista’s Secret for this season

The strange thing about fashion is that the day you join its bandwagon the next day you may find it in a stale taste. As the days pass, so does fashion which gives us a chance to toss the “old” styles out of the wardrobe and begin the hunt for a new collection. You may have seen the flashbacks of the yesteryears in the revised hairdos and the polka dots and the return of style statements of the year, but still it is the revamped version of the same old school of fashionomics that drives us crazy.

In this season of style, step out to brace the world in all new avatars by flaunting the quirkier side of you. Experiment with neon colours or wrap your hair in exotic buns to unleash the hues of flamboyance. Though personal style is all about carrying yourself with panache and displaying the streak of personality through a trendy object, you can define your individual fashion with these choices.

The Glittering Glance: This season explores more with shimmer by dabbing a hint or indulging completely with glitz on your eyelids. Combine it with the eye shadow of the same hue to cast a magic of glamour in your looks. Keep the eye makeup minimal by accentuating only the eye lashes.

The Call of the Wild Look: Come this season and you find the rage for animal prints like leopard, cheetah or tiger skin printed tops, dresses and even accessories. Team up animal printed lowers with a neutral colour top to spruce up your look.  So go ahead and give in to the power of these feline patterns to make you look gorgeous.

Be Bright and Bold: Don the flashy outfits that are rich in colour and trendy in appearance. Vibrant hues such as bright orange, coral, red and hot pink are sure to up your oomph quotient. This style is a rage in the current fashion landscape and helps you to cut through the clutter of casual clothes by making you look insanely stylish.

Colour- block your way to Style: Colour blocking is the latest style trick that is reigning supreme in the fashion world. Couple two or more strong colours together to create an eye grabbing look, but make sure you don’t overdo it to appear as a Christmas tree instead. Stick to only two or three shades and choose a nude makeup to balance the burst of colors.

Improvise with Accessories: The one thing that can help you look different, even with repeated clothes, is an accessory. Apart from defining the occasion for dressing it also adds the missing X factor that making you uber stylish. Accessories never go out of fashion so make sure your wardrobe is rich with eclectic clutches, funky bracelets, stylish belts, chokers, chunky earrings and the indispensable stiletto.

Join the fashion brigade with these trending style fads and make sure you add a touch of elegance to whatever you wear to be in vogue and reflect your own style.




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