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I just loved being a Woman at a lifestyle exhibition in Gurgaon, 6th August. Eloquently curated by Shenaro Lifestyle, Love Being A Woman saw best of the brands and crowd in the lovely ambiance of Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon. From bags to designer labels, exquisite jewellery, home decor and crafts designs by NGOS all were there to steal my heart though meeting the enterprising ladies behind these products was an enriching experience and I found many stories under one roof.

Moh Maya by Pooja and Sonam

Moh Maya will take you higher in your imagination.
Moh Maya will take you higher in your imagination.

I was drawn to their kiosk. I told she looked like a mermaid in an awesome one piece lycra saree. Pooja had 12 years of experience in textile exports when she took to designing on her own just before her marriage and continued thereafter. Met a friend in her sister-in-law, Sonam, then newly married and together they founded their designer brand – Moh Maya coupled with support from their awesome family. In fact, it was their mom-in-law who encouraged them to start their venture. When I asked how they arrived at the brand name which was as intriguing as their interesting designs. “It was accidental, actually. We were really brain storming about the name and nothing good was coming out. So, I just sighed, “sub moh maya hai (it’s all illusion)” And, we looked at each other and knew that was it.”, told Pooja. Three years, back to back exhibitions, 12 karigars working under them, for Moh Maya sisters-in-law, it’s nothing succeeds like success. Each design displayed was very well thought and exclusive and something that you might love to try.

Saanchi by Sanchita

Saanchi by Sanchita
Mulded Blouse from Saanchi by Sanchita
Raglan Cut Moulded Blouse

Inspired by nature, Saanchi by Sanchita is a designer brand that combines simplicity and sophistication. Sanchita, having worked with designers Abu and Sandeep Khosla, and as head designer at Tech Indus, met with an accident and was bed ridden. It was then she started dreaming of being on her own in 2015. its simple cuts and designs and color combos appeal to most of the fashionistas out there. Her specialty is cut & moulded blouses. She still remembers Hillary Clinton wearing dress done by her while she was still at Tex Indus as her career peak. Broke even in just one year, Saanchi is going places.

Divine exports by Anjali

Anjeli Jain-Co- Founder of High fashion garments exports, Divine Exports

Despite of the French market going down, they still had customers pouring in. With the clients like Stella and Mc Cartney in their list, Divine exports as a buying house is loved for cuts and quality all that matters to their loyal clients. Anjali Jain with her Divine Exports ventured into exports of High Fashion garments and accessories into European markets, especially France and Spain, almost 9 years back. Divine exports that is mainly into sourcing and selling, is a fairly established brand abroad now. Anjeli is now exploring the likes of going retail in India. Seeing the products pretty well suited for today’s contemporary Indian women, I wish her all the best.


Triyaa - a name for beuty and elegance
Triyaa – a name for beauty and elegance

I asked, “How do you handle tough clients?” as I noticed them trying to answer some demanding clients. “Being patient and cool”, answered Rakhi and Rohini in one voice. 14 years since these two friends initiated Triya from their studio cum residence at GK 2, the label is known for trendy, smart, wearable, customized affordable designer outfits. These were the designs I would personally like to wear to work or for evening. When asked if they wanted to expand, they replied no. It is best to make your home your office to be able to balance home and work and being able to meet challenges of parenting teenage kids. Their clients love for their work is encouraging enough to keep giving them what they would love to wear. In today’s competitive world, It’s value for money that counts most. Triyaa was truly synonymous with elegant and beautiful clothing.

Kashida by Kusum and Monica


“People should wear more traditional outfits. Indian women look beautiful in sarees with bindis”, advised Kusum of Kashid given the ever growing trend and craze towards wearing western wear even during wedding and festival seasons. “Why do you say so? I think they want to look different and it’s kind of convenient, may be”, said I. “You know what, Indian check out women in sarees and in traditional wear and jewelry”, Monica laughed heartily and continued, “Really! If you want, you can do a survey of men on how they want to see their women.” “Done”, I said.  It had been 6 months that Kusum and Monica, started their venture to promote ethnic wear. Housewife turned entrepreneur friends sell semi precious to precious jewelry in Swarovski and Jerken under brand name Kashida. One can easily find a good piece within the range of Rs.2000 to Rs. 5000.

Regal Bags


Met Vani and Bhawna, daughter and mother duo, promoting their flagship brand Regal bags of original Regal Shoes brand. But Vani’s heart seems to be more in baking as she bakes under the name Chocolates and more. “As our family is foodie, I thought why not convert my passion into business. I want to develop this as proper business. Besides rich cashew, walnut and kishmish filled chocolates, Vani is experimental with the flavors she wants to bring out in her cakes and chocolates. So, if you like to indulge in some mouthwatering ultra usual flavors, chocolates and more is one place for you.


Purkal Stree Shakti


Creations of hundreds of empowered hands, the  multicolored visually appealing hand painted and crafted fabrics and home decor items by Purkal – Stree Shakti find their places in the slickest of homes.  Shenaro Lifestyle, in its quest to promote Indian Artisans, specially promoted Dastkari haat samiti. This is  in their event Love Being a Woman.

Aggarwal Jewelllers & Sons 

aggarwal jewellers silver jewellery
Exclusive Silver Jewellery by Agrawal Jewellers

Slowly silently , now the moon walks the night in her silver shoon; This way and that, she pers and sees silver fruits upon silver trees..”, My love for silver is very well captured by the poet Walter de la Mare of Silver and the exquisite silver jewelry by Agrawal Jewellers where everything is silver.

With Love Gifts by Kanika

If you wanna gift someone, must buy it with love. Colorful, beautiful, useful, imaginative, creative and what not,  conceived and founded by Kanika, With Love Gifts has something to offer for everyone you love.


With Love Gift Shop by Kanika
With Love Gift Shop by Kanika

I bought lots of love gifts for my little kids and for myself from here before I signed off with love. For all the reason that  have loved being a woman.

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