Horrifying – Day care maid assaults 10 month old infant

Maid abuses 10 month old baby girl

Khargar, Mumbai: In a horrifying incident reported last night, a helper in day care in Kahrgar beat a 10 month old infant leaving the kid with severe injuries. Look at this brutal video. This woman’s barbaric behavior could’ve cost the infant its life.


When the mother reached to pick up her kid from day care, she was alarmed as the child didn’t speak and seemed to be in trauma. On closer look they found the swelling and clot on their innocent baby girl’s face and head. As parents took the child to the hospital, doctor reportedly told them that the child seemed to have internal injuries caused due to beating. When reported to police , they were reluctant to file FIR first, but on watching the CCTV footage, they filed the FIR immediately. The owner, Priyanka Nikam (34) of the day care and the accused (Afsana Shaikh) were immediately arrested. Though the owner has been able to secure bail, the attendant is going to remain in the custody till further action is taken.

Soon the video was out on various tv channels and social media, people came out with rave comments on why parents should leave kids in day care and what sort of punishment should the accused be sentenced to.

Warning : Are you leaving your child in the day care?

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