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I found my answer in Yoga. You?

Yoga for great body and mind.

Green grass, fresh air, flowers fragrance, butterflies fluttering by, and birds singing for music, and a yoga mat. That’s all I wanted ideally to exercise with.

But, my life was a little different. I got up 6:30 in the morning, prepared breakfast and lunch boxes and by the time i sent all members for the day’s work, it was already 9:30 am and time to leave for work. Kids waited with expectations as i got back by 7-7:30 pm – food, chat and bed time stories. And, I was free only by 10:30. Bring a home maker besides being anything else with high job pressure and deliverables, no escaping, no falling sick, multiple bosses and sick leave; I managed the show pretty well! Huh!

Past two years, my work life took over my health. Once a health freak, now I forgot that I needed to be fit. Only exercise i did was to walk down two three times a week. Result, I gained weight, got deficiencies and body aches. This was a wake up call.

That day I noticed a group of ladies doing yoga in the society lawns. I joined instantaneously and stared going for yoga classes regularly in the mornings. I pledged that I had to keep fit and healthy as everything depended on good health. Taking an hour a day for myself is my right. Since one year I am regular with yoga. As I am my own boss, I can manage time accordingly. My body pains have reduced, weight problem being addressed, and I feel fresh the whole day.

There is something about yoga. It is so rejuvenating. It brings the body and mind in sync with each other. As you do yoga, oxygen flows to your brain and every part of it breathes. It is highly recommended for people in high stress jobs. Despite loads of work and pressure, I don’t feel tired and stressed the whole day.

As a mother, home maker, it is quite tempting to stray away from your health and sacrifice your time for the family. I really need to switch off from everything else when it’s time for workout. Things are same now as I wanted them to be – Green grass, yoga mat and I.

I found my answer in Yoga. And you? What is your fitness mantra? What have you found as an answer to your good health? Pilate, Gym, aerobics, dance, Zumba? Let me know in the comments below.

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Himanshi Lydia Singh

Himanshi Lydia Singh

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