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International Women’s Day 2016 celebration by Let’s Give Back


Lighting the Lamp by Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi

Let’s Give Back Initiative by Babeetta Sakxena celebrated International Women’s Day 2016 on 3rd March, at India Islamic Cultural Centre. Celebrating WomEnergy, Let’s Give Back announced ‘Restore Dignity Award’. The first recipient was Tara Balgopal, the dancer, who trained Hema Malini but has been leading a miserable life since she lost her husband a few years back.


She was wonderfully felicitated by President ICMEI Mr.Sandeep Marwah and Director ‘Let’s Give Back’, Babeetta Sakxena. The evening showcased the vision and mission of this Initiative and also highlighted the necessity of sensitising grave issues through such platforms. A strong but tearful tribute was paid to Nirbhaya, Jyoti Singh by Dance India Dance Finalist Preeti Khetan. Smt. Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother was felicitated for her bravery and courage to take this issue forward and help curb such crimes. Mr.Sandeep Marwah was also duly awarded as the most ‘Dynamic Icon of Noida’.

Meher Malik

A very strong panel of extremely empowered women including Dr.Pinky Anand, Dr.Mridula Tandon, Ms Meher Malik, Ms Gunjan Goela, Ms Malvika Kaura, Ms Sudha Sinha, Ms Avleen Khokhar, Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava and Ms Ritu Bhagat shared their individual journey through life thereby inspiring women and men alike.

Pinky Anand

The event also supported two NGOs ‘Lakshyam’ and ‘Trash to Cash’ and a woman artist Mona Sikka whose paintings adorned the venue. With a dash of powerful performances by the famous Belly dancer Meher Malik, Sharain Khanduja, Kajal Koyal, singers Khushbu Saif and Shreya Basu, and a Nazm of Majaz by famous theatre artist Mohammad Rashid, the event was very well appreciated for its endeavour to make a difference in Society and was very well attended by the glitterati and intelligentsia alike who came to support this wonderful Initiative.

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One comment on “International Women’s Day 2016 celebration by Let’s Give Back

  1. This is such a great and empowering event.I think it is important to recognize the contributions of women to culture and society in general.They are great role models for young women all over the world.

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