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Only one day to go for New Year 2017. Everyone is waiting for a whole brand new season with new goals to achieve and new promises to fulfill. But before the year 2016 ends we should look back to the biggest fashion fads of this season. Well the list is pretty big but would downsize it to 10, so that it won’t be a tedious thing for you guys.

Oversized buns: Nah or yay. Whichever it might be but to be honest, its bit passé this season so try something new. Moreover it doesn’t looks nice coz it’s bigger than a small sized pizza even.

Oversize Bun – the fad is almost done

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Glitter roots:  It was Christmas, Now new year. Before you dress up for the season don’t forget that the bling or glitter element is one fad that will be there for some more time.

Glitter Hair root trend is still on

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Over the top make up:

Wanna look like plastic? There is umpteen no of modern techniques, airbrush make up being the latest, that will make you look like Barbie. The real fun is in looking beautiful in your natural self. Expect the natural look to be back in new season.

makeup-from-plastic look to natural look
Plastic look with make up

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Bubble nail art: To make any occasional dressing complete one needs to do their nails but of course not the bubble nail art instead go for elegant side French manicured tips or colourful manicures.

Bubble nail art – just another fad

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Too much distressed jeans: Please no more moth eaten or lion shredded distressed jeans else the world will come to its end. It looks like too much fashion disaster in one year.

bye bye Distress jeans in 2017

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Dracula Nails: Though the colour of the season is red but it does not mean that you would drench your nails in red colour and scare everyone away.

Dracula nails
Dracula nails

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Corset Dresses or waist trainers: Corsets is one fashion fad that keeps coming and going. Definitely adds to your beauty. This is one trend that is finding acceptability in India and something definitely worth trying.

Corsets that will stay
Corsets that will stay. Courtesy :

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Peplum Dresses: This season if you are invited for the ultimate New Year party, then don’t ever dare to put on your Peplum dress which you have kept in your wardrobe. Be it any reason it might be one of your most fashionable outfits but now it’s gone forever.

Red Peplum Dress – fad that’s passe’

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Fake eyelashes: The eyelashes resembling the size of fan are too out dated ,to enhance your beauty you don’t need to put on a pair of lash but a good bottle of mascara will do it. If needed apply several layers that all you need to do.

Fake eye lashes are a fad
Image source- Pinterest

Image source

Feather hair extensions: Wow for five minutes it would have looked nice untill and unless someone comes to you and ask are they from a dead rooster, then you be left wondering about it.

Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extensions

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So fashionistas stay stylish and bid the year 2016 in style.

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