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#Recipe – Makar Sankranti with Sesame – Jaggary Patties

Where there is Makar Sankranti and there is  Sesame (til) and Jaggary (gur). So, i decided to make gur -til patties to keep up with the festive feeling. This is not only yummy but also has great nutritional value and is highly digestive. To top it all, very easy to cook.
1. Sesame (til) – 100 gms
2. Jeera (cumin seeds) – 100 gms
3. Saunf (fennel seeds) –  100 gms
4. Ajwain 100 gm
5. Gur (Jaggary) – 250 gms grounded to powder
6. Ghee (clarified butter)-  as per requirement
7.Walnuts/cashew nuts/Almonds one cup
First roast til/jeera/saunf/Ajwain separately in a nonstick pan.Then keep aside for them to cool down.
Roast the dry fruits and also allow them to  cool.
Now grind the Saunfh/Jeera/Ajwain to  coarse powder form as well as the dry fruits.
Take a non stick pan and put 4 tablespoons ghee..Then add the gur and keep turning till it starts to melt.
Now add both the grounded powders and turn it till the gur starts separating from the pan sides and is slightly thicker in consistency .
Pour this mixture  into greased thalis/plates and allow to set….putting cut marks in simple square or diamond form.
In half an hour it is set and ready to be stored in air tight jars. Eat it as a healthy  snack or sweet dish which does not have any extra calories.
 As the tradition goes, Makar Sankrant in India is celebrated with til and gur being central to it.




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