Malishka Raps Mumbai Potholes, Shiv Sena Snaps counter parody and BMC Slaps notice

Mumbai-Tula BMC Var Bharosa Nai Ka- red FM Parody on potholes
RJ Malishka with her group in the video

Sometimes it takes a shock treatment to wake up. When a series of talks on the RJ’s show on Red FM with the BMC authorities couldn’t see anything happening, the radio station had to find a more creative way to catch the attention of authorities.

So, Red FM came up with a parody on Mumbai Potholes sung by RJ Malishka, more famous as Mumbai ki Rani and her colleagues. This is a must watch.

The controversy started right after the upload. The song rocked the whole Mumbai and was all over the social media. THe offense was not to be missed by Shiv Sena and they counter attacked the RJ with their own parody.

In a funny outturn of the event, BMC sent notice to Malishka’s place in Bandra over the larvae breeding.

This was the conversation of Malishka with BMC on 6th July. Watch the conversation.

Each one to one’s own job and capability.  There are some media that are still connected with common people and voice their opinions, pains and misery. Media is the mouthpiece of people and has the job to stir up the society and wake up those who are sleeping.

BMC has finally woken up and feeling convicted. Big congrats to Red FM Mumbai , Mumbai ki Rani – Malishka and you who are going to tweet your opinion, voice, anger about it with hashtag #YouCantGagUs.




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