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Many of them don’t know what accessories they should wear!

“Ouch!”, This is my usual reaction when i see them having such less clue about their accessories.

Many a time people may not care too much about what accessories they are carrying. Sometimes they get lazy and wear the same thing everywhere. But, accessorizing outfits has become essential for a complete look for women. Whether it be for work, for a formal event, or for a casual outing, wearing the right jewelry is the key to sophisticated and chic look. However, one must know how to accessorize correctly, keeping in mind the occasion you’re dressing up for, whether you look under-accessorized or over-accessorized, or how it affects your complexion. Here are some tips for a stellar look when it comes to accessories.


Accessorize According To The Occasion

Penelope looking stunning with simple necklace.
Penelope looking stunning with simple necklace.

When it comes to different settings, different places require different dress codes. These apply to jewelry as well. Avoid chunky jewelry when it comes to the workplace, opting for more delicate pieces like crystal necklaces or tiny pearl ear studs.

yellow necklace- on-offwhite-top
Yellow bright necklace complements beige top perfectly

However, if your outfit is leaning towards neutral and boring, you can pair it up with a large necklace. For more casual outings, you can pair up funky necklaces with long earrings, while this might be something you avoid wearing to work.

When dressing up for work, remember that less is more. For a more formal, evening event, you can head towards the classier side of jewelry, opting for golden necklaces, maybe even long earrings, a delicate bracelet, and a ring or two.

Let What You Wear Complement Your Skin Tone

Let me tell you this, gold colored jewelry goes with every skin tone, though the exact shade of gold may vary with different skin tones, but generally, golden jewelry is a yes for everyone. Other than that, there is a vast choice between stones of different colors and shades. One must choose what contrasts pleasantly with your skin, or blends in like it was simply made for you. For stones, there are all kinds of reds, blues, greens and yellows that vary in their shades.

Let Every Part Of Your Outfit Stand Out

This holds true for every accessory that decide to wear as well. Make sure you do not match every piece of jewelry that you wear. This gives your outfit a boring, traditional look and mellows out the entire sophistication of your clothes. A reminder that you must not forget is, that matching jewelry especially when it comes to color, stones, and patterns is a definite no.

Under-Accessorized Or Over-Accessorized?

For this, you need to take a look at your outfit in its entirety, making sure you don’t look too bland for an occasion, like your outfit is missing some excitement, or that you look like a Christmas tree, with all the shining accessories and what not. Once you get the hang of this, you’re good to go. You will not only manage to look sophisticated and chic, but you will be able to show a glimpse of your personality through your accessories.

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Jessica Poul

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