Catch Marathon of Series The Affair on Valentine’s Day

Special marathon broadcast of The Affair

Indulge in ‘The Affair’ this Valentine’s Day!
~ FX airs the Season Two marathon of Golden Globe winning television series ‘The Affair’ on Sunday, February 14th from 10:00 AM onwards ~

Love conquers all and everything is beautiful when in love. Thus Valentine’s Day, known for its celebration of love and all its pageantry is the right time to revisit some of the most romantic moments of all times. Keeping this in mind, FX, English Entertainment destination channel known for its edgy content, is all set to make this day even more special by showcasing the most unusual love story. Offering patrons across the country an affectionate celebration this Valentine’s Day, the channel will air season two marathon of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe winning show‘The Affair’ from 10:00 AM onwards on Sunday, February 14th 2015 only on FX and FX HD!

The split-perspective series that started with the forbidden romance between grief-stricken Hamptons waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson) and bored novelist and father of four Noah (Dominic West), promises togo beyond their amour in season two. As the emphasis shifts, the provocative drama is told separately from four different perspectives, revealing four distinct truths. The season two depicts the romance and drama in the lives of four characters as each one battle their own struggles and their paths entwine unknowingly.


While Alison tries to build a lasting relationship contending with the judgment of others and her own self-doubt in the season two, her lover Noah tries to balance the temptations of success, the family he left behind, and the woman he loves. His former wife Helen (Tierney) attempts to piece her life together while navigating divorce proceedings care for her children, and her parents’ noxious influence. Cole, Alison’s former husband, struggles to overcome past heartbreak and start a promising new life.
Love is a volatile, perilous and fragile thing on The Affair and evokes the classic question, ‘Can love save us?’ The award winning show is the truest example of unconventional love and FX gives you the chance to watch the entire season two of the series at one go!

So this Valentine’s Day, watch the many forms of love on The Affair: a salve to heal old wounds, a blade to carve new ones, an act of possession and an obsession. The drama unfolds all day 10:00 AM onwards on 14th Feb only on FX and FX HD!

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