#Movie Review – Kapoor & Sons since 1921

Family drama not to be missed

Heart warming, endearing, beautifully shot, with tsunami of talent family drama with a difference that sets high expectations for future family stories to be told. So, Kapoor & Sons is making news and of course money! Grossing 14.60 Cr in first 3 days besides people queuing up to watch movie leaves producers, actors overjoyed.

The most looked for element in the movie – Fawad Khan tweeted

View the recently released movie review where Arjun fights with his bai –

Taran Adarsh, film critic and analyst sums up the performances of all the actors who make it a perfect heartwarming flick.

But, there is overwhelmng response to Fawad Khan’s acting.

Kapoor & Sons again stirs Indian family emotions with melodrama inseparable.
“Kapoor & Sons leaves you with thought that family is the first abd last classroom for teaching forgiveness, acceptance and love love love, says Jyotika Bedi, movie goer from Gurgaon

Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul and the mash up are the most favorites with youth.




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