My Freedom Pledge – My Life My Responsibility

Take My Freedom Pledge – MY LIFE MY RESPONSIBILITY and transform your life! 

Why women don’t like to be independent? Are they born that way? They are conditioned right from the beginning to depend on others to make small to significant decisions for them. But, things are not going to be the same now!

I, THEWOOMAG.COM on the occasion of International Women’s day urge you to be a self independent woman. How? Just make a simple decision of signing My Freedom Pledge – “My Life is My Responsibility ”. By signing this pledge you just mean to be answerable to your own self, taking charge of your own life. Women On Own’s mission to transform women’s lives by gearing them towards self independence. To begin with, women need be responsible towards themselves. This needs change in thinking. This is not just a pledge. This is a movement. By signing the pledge you become the stakeholder in transforming the lives of many women around you. So, GO AHEAD AND SIGN THE PLEDGE – ‘MY LIFE IS MY RESPONSIBILITY’

As you sign this pledge, THEWOOMAG.COM will send you wallpaper. Save as your desktop wallpaper or make a poster out of it. Share it, mail it, Tweet about it with #MyLifeMyResponsibility. Encourage your friends to take it. Speak on your life. Let it sync in your deeper self. Work on it every day. MAKE YOUR LIFE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Yours Truly,


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Today, I Pledge that “My Life is My Responsibility”. I take charge of my own life. 

  1. I will be responsible for my own life.

  2. My Career is My Responsibility. I will choose my own area of study or career that makes me happy and be responsible for it.

  3. My Fitness is My Responsibility. I will work out daily towards fitness and better health.

  4. My Financial Independence is My Responsibility. I will work and earn; and I will not depend on anyone for my finances. I will continue to work even after marriage. I will save and invest money towards my financial independence.

  5. My Security is My Responsibility. I will train to make sure i am unafraid and resist abuse from anyone.

  6. I will handle my life issues myself (or by seeking professional guidance) and not overly depend on others – friends and relatives.

  7. My Decisions are My Responsibility. I will take my own decisions starting with making small to big decisions. I will not hold anyone, whether my parents, husband, society, in laws, responsible for my not doing well in my life ( in case, i feel i am not doing well).

  8. My happiness is My Responsibility. I will not depend on someone else for my happiness.

  9. My standing is My Responsibility. I will be assertive and stand up for my self. I will speak for my rights. I will say ‘NO’ when I need to say no. 

  10. I will work towards my self-development.  I will take activities, job, training, classes or anything up that will help me develop in a particular area of my life or just.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not a legal agreement or bond with or any other organisation. It is just a simple promise that you are making to yourself.  You are not answerable to us or to the world. There is no bondage. There is no obligation to anyone but to your own self. As you sign your pledge, you will receive poster from our side as GIFT in your inbox.

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