Parenting – How to Select Right School For Your Children?

The task which I am trying to achieve by the power of the written word here is to make you hear, to make you feel and above all, to make you see –  What all should go into Selecting A Right School for your Child?

This reminds me of what MILTON .S. SMITH  pointed out in this context that

“The future of a civilization is being written in the classrooms!”.

Choosing the right school for your child assumes greater importance knowing this, Isn’t it? An all sensory approach (what you see, hear and feel) is surely going to ensure that a decision reached hence, would be in the best of everyone’s interest at large.

Hear What?

  • Does the school have an active Child Protection Committee or Parent Teacher Association or School monitoring committee?
  • Any counselling or Orientation session in place for kids for various challenging scenarios?
  • How does the Reporting mechanism work; and most importantly
  • Any counselling sessions for the staff employed and that too at frequent intervals?
  • Any policy implemented on Anti-Bullying – Are teachers/peers sensitive enough?
  • Does the school hear an ALARM around washroom security or any such potentially Hazard -prone areas?

Seek Information actively and believe me ‘Feedback from currently registered parents’ could be a very proactive feed-forward to seal your decision in the school’s favor.


  • See not the expanse of the property but the extent of monitored/restricted School Entry-merely installing the cameras should not satisfy you, see to it if there is a dedicated staff to monitor it at regular intervals. It should be more about averting the mishap rather than a supporting proof post a tragic episode
  • See how accessible is the School Head?
  • Do they (Decision makers) take the critical feedbacks as stepping stone to improvement or a sign of dissent?
  • Safety guidelines for school 2014 is a comprehensive checklist for Schools that need to be seen and any glaring discrepancy pointed and reported to concerned authority at both pre and post-entry/ admission to the school.
  • See not the cameras installed but if they are in proper working condition and are they being monitored by a dedicated staff employed solely for that purpose.
  • See not the beautification and paraphernalia but have an eye for detail on their past performance and results.


  • The culture of a place always moves upside – down. Meet the Principle/coordinator/ In-charge etc. Do you feel if they are in sync with what you have set out as an outcome for your child?
  • Spend some time at the reception and feel INTUITIVELY if what is said/promised in the school prospectus and what is given/ delivered are a match? The reception is the perfect place to experience the culture and the value of an institution.
  • As a parent be in touch with how you would feel your bundle of joy to proceed with his learning and development? Chalk out if s/he should be trained through progressive methodologies with Project Based Learning (PBL) or the Conventional system is your best bet or Gut feeling. Explore the net for more information on this but once decided stick to it to see results in the long run.
  • How you feel about the efficacy of the different boards (CBSE/ IB/ ICSE ETC) and their future prospects can be another effective way to finalize the school. for your child
  • All true education since the times of Plato and Socrates have agreed that the primary objective of Education should be attainment of inner harmony, or to put it in a more up-to-date language, the integration of personality. Feel free to choose an institution that helps the child to get in touch with the various aspects of his personality and sees it as one whole.

To reiterate, while It’s necessary that while one’s kids study in a good institution, In the present scenario… it should not forsake one’s greatest asset –THE CHILD!!!! OUR CHILDREN’S DESTINY LIES IN MAINTAINING A BALANCE BETWEEN STUDY AND LIFE,  BETWEEN EDUCATING FOR LIVING AND EDUCATING FOR MAKING A LIVING, BETWEEN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE EXISTS BOTH GOOD AND BAD….

And finally, let the following statement guide you in choosing the right school for your ward….As JOHN MASON rightly said “The aim of education is to convert the mind into a living fountain and not a reservoir. That which is filled by merely pumping

As JOHN MASON rightly said,

“The aim of education is to convert the mind into a living fountain and not a reservoir. That which is filled by merely pumping in, will be emptied by pumping out.”

About the author

Praggatti Rao

Praggatti Rao

I am a Mother of two, an Entrepreneur and at present, working as DIRECTOR-Educoncepts India Initiatives, with three dedicated leadership development centres in Delhi /NCR. I am also a Child and Adolescent Counselling Psychologist; Certified Psychometric Analyst & a Leadership Trainer.

Masters in Nero Linguistic Programming, I am enabled to see people, situations and more on life from a growth mindset and is a sustained movement towards excellence in various spheres of life.

I blog on Parenting, Psychometrics , kids and Development , Leadership , Communication skills , Mind-mapping , Smart strategies for work , Strategies for mothers and more for lots of companies like Surf , Gini & Jony , Intel securities , Dell India , Mycity4kids , Tetra Pak India to name a few…because I believe our words are a reflection of our rich internal experiences and thus must be shared.

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