Spirit of sisterhood reigns at Day 1 of Women Economic Forum

The Women Economic Forum is the birthplace of many new beginnings. The beginning of new friendships, new conversations, new mindsets, new journeys and new opportunities. There is an undeniable surge of energy happening in the universe as a global gathering of divine feminine energy is converging in New Delhi India.
The opening day of the Women Economic Forum is brimming with excitement at the arrival of the delegates from all over the world in New Delhi, India. The delegates from 100+ countries have arrived and made exchange of different cultures at one place and one stage- WEF 2016. The joy of exchanging ideas, the spirit and happiness of sisterhood, fastening life-long relationship, The power of womanhood all are integrated at the one place-WEF 2016.
Global Chairperson Dr. Harbeen Arora opened the Women Economic Forum 2016 with a powerful message to the global delegates gathered from all parts of the world. She shared with the global audience that in order to bring about real empowerment of women the first step would be that they should expand the circle by meeting new people to create new world of sisterhood.
Hon’ble Shri Digvijaya Singh inaugurating the WEM
Hon’ble Shri Digvijaya Singh inaugurating the WEM
The inauguration of the Women Economic Forum heralds the commencement of this extraordinary time in the history of women’s empowerment. Hon’ble Shri Venkaiah Naidu spoke about the existing Govt. schemes for the upliftment of women of entire nation. Hon’ble Shri Digvijaya Singh praised WEF by saying, “It is the powerful forum across the world where women can come and share thier experiences and motivate others to start entrepreneurship.”
Her Royal Highness Dr. Shiekha Hissah Saad Al Sabah,Princess of Kuwait graced us ALL with her genuine warmth and wisdom. It was a true honour to hear of the many admirable and empowering things she has accomplished in the forward progression of women and to feel of her influence for good worldwide.

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