Top 15 Design Trends Of 2018

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The year 2017 was a very interesting and exciting one for the design world, as it was filled with new and innovative ideas, alongside some pretty awe-inspiring interpretations of time-honored design principles. Here’s our pick of top 15 design trends for 2018, complete with all the different prints, colors, fabrics and textures that made it truly original.

1. Urbane pastels

Pastels for 2018 had a very sophisticated air about them and included new interpretations of relaxing colors like mint green, which is closer to sage than it is to light blue, while oranges and pinks have also been clarified for a minimalist feel.

2. Local pride

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to vote with their dollar and are opting to support local designers and artists in lieu of big-name design retailers. These days, you can literally purchase all the items needed for your next remodel online from a local retailer or designer, including doors, furniture, light fixtures, hardware, lumber and even tiling.

3. Black polished metals

While formerly relegated to the realm of unconventional design, polished metals like brass and copper are gaining mainstream popularity and can be incorporated through a wide range of features from, shiny copper faucets to rustic brass door handles.

4. Curved furniture

Gone are the days when sharp edges were in vogue, as rounded furniture made a big comeback this year, adding femininity and fluidity to many a design remodel.

5. Navy blue

All those in search of a trendy beach vibe can now add navy blue for that dramatic effect, which makes for a fetching counterpart to yellow pastels, reds, and whites.

6. Ceramics

Ceramics have made a huge comeback this year in the form of cute little garden stools, bakeware, and Pinterest-worthy serving pieces.

7. Cool maximalism

If you’re not into the slightly impersonal minimalism trend, you can now create vibrant rooms that are a joy to live in, thanks to the cool maximalism wave.

8. Vines inspired interiors

Vivacious vine wallpaper is an easy and convenient way to ‘green’ your apartment without the hassle of actually having to maintain real plants, and you can have them as a single wall feature, or on all four walls for a truly refreshing atmosphere.

9. Flamingos

Apart from being the main feature in Hawaiian shirt design and Miami Vice memorabilia, the flamingo print has been a firm favorite in the world of design and is a trend that can be interpreted both indoors and outdoors.

10. Hygge

This earthy and simplistic Danish phenomenon is a mixture of modest monochromatic color and rich textures that invoke an instant sense of warmth and home. Pronounced hue-gah, this trend is a Pinterest favorite and takes the word ‘comfort’ to a whole new level.

11. Practical materials

Functional materials like plywood are a go-to resource for anyone wanting affordable and reusable surfaces, while reclaimed army fabric and canvas material make for great upholstery.

12. Acrylics

This past year has proven that acrylic makes for some pretty fetching accessories, including whimsical floating frames and unique barstools. Probably the most attractive feature of this material is the fact that it’s easy to clean and adds a polished accent to any room.

13. Mini urban gardens

These days anyone with a small space or a beachfront home can also decorate their home with all manner of living greens (both edible and inedible), through portable container gardens that can be placed on your balcony, porch or patio.

14. Wood Tile

This trend is perfect for anyone that wants to incorporate wooden accents to their décor without using actual wood. Wood tile is an eco-friendly material that could easily pass as the real thing, plus it’s easier to maintain than real wood.

15. Artificial marble

This trend works great for when you want to add the beauty and elegance of marble to your design without the price tag, and most home remodelers use it to add understated glamour to their kitchen countertops, powder rooms, bathroom surfaces and even on accent walls.


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