Top 6 Interesting and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas For Bride To Be

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Every bride deserves some unique bachelorette party ideas to enjoy the weekend with their girl gang. You wish to make the day special and memorable not only for yourself but also for all the girls attending the party. In this article, you will come across some ideas which will be a little different and exciting for all the girls including the bride.

1. Zen bachelorette party

Yoga Zen hen party
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For most of us, a good bachelorette party doesn’t involve having tequila shots and dancing on tables. Zen party is considered healthy party for most girls as it involves yoga retreat. There are lots of places which include nutritional experts and top chefs. They will provide yoga classes with tea and dinner to all the girls.

2. Countryside escape

hen party
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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas For Bride To Be-thewoomag-magazine-for-women

Every girl will love the idea of exploring the country and its nature on the weekends. You can enjoy your weekends anywhere from riverboats in Goa to rustic tree house hideaways in Kashmir. There are various other options to explore all over Asia, you only have to discuss with your friends where you all wish to go.

3. Boot camp session

Motivate Boot Camp
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Are you ready to give a fun challenge to your girl gang? Every bride wants to get into shape before the big day. Plan something adventurous with your friends. It will not only keep your body fit and healthy but will also make your party memorable.

4. Beach retreat

beach retreat
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Head to astonishing beaches on Island. This is exactly what a bride needs before the big day. All the girls will love the idea to escape to the beach away from all the hustle and bustle. Before the final night party, all the hens can enjoy the perfect day drinking coffee and relaxing in front of a beautiful and quiet place.

5. Outdoor adventure

Outdoor adventure
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Most of you are surely wondering why we can’t have all this fun in a single day. Well, of course, you can. Head to a place like Chillisauce to participate in dancing lessons, spa sessions, and strip performances. You can also participate in llama trekking, stunt driving, treasure hunts, gorge scrambling and plenty other adventurous ideas.

6. Zombie experience

Zombie hen party
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You must get a zombie boot camp experience if you are an adrenaline junkie. You will get a real action event with a really believable and horrifying storyline. It won’t be a good idea if you carry a faint heart as their main element is horror fans. For such an experience, you need courage, determination, and teamwork.

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