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Varsha, my mom- A true Mother’s Day story

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This is a story that I wanted to share to the world. A story with a big significance to me. A story that I hope will touch your hearts. A story that will forever be etched in the depths of my heart. She is the best gift given to me in my life. Without this special person, there will be no me. Without her, I will not have existed. And because of her, I continue to live and love.

A child is a wonderful blessing no one can ever fathom. No matter what culture a person belongs to, the birth of a new life is undeniably prepared for and celebrated. So there is no wonder that even during the 1940s, when a lovely little girl was born in a district in present-day Pakistan, the entire family was delighted. Born to a Royal family in the district Sargodha, near Lahore, the pretty baby girl was named Varsha; she instantly beacame the family’s apple-of-the-eye. Her birth brought the clan together, as Varsha’s family had close relatives in India which they had been visiting regularly. She was adored, loved and cherished like a precious jewel, like a delicate flower, like a beautiful sunrise.The cynosure of all eyes,  life was starting to look bright for little Varsha, as any parent would want it to be for their children.

However, as bright as the future may seem to be, the present seemingly cast a cloud of gray and black over Varsha’s entire family as well as their homeland. The Great Partition shook the entire Indian continent following India’s independence from Great Britain in 1947. The Partition divided the Indian continent into two: Hindu-dominated India and the newly-created Muslim state of Pakistan. During this time of crisis, many people were killed in clashes, riots, and overall communal violence. Death, hunger and poverty left the people homeless and hopeless. Varsha’s family was not spared of this plight. Life had been harsh. Varsha’s family had been severely affected by the Partition. Three-year-old Varsha, together with her five siblings and her parents had nowhere to go. How will they live? How can they survive? Thanks to the generosity of friends and family in India, Varsha’s family was able to stand back on their own feet again. But of course, they don’t want to be a burden to these generous people. They can’t stay with them forever. Friends and family helped them for a little while, but how long can that be?

Varsha grew up to be a child who loved to study and talk and talk. She was the chatterbox of the family, talking non-stop about anything and everything you can imagine! Music and dance were her best friends. Even though Varsha grew up as a bright girl, her education became pretty much irregular due to financial constraints her family had to struggle with. Her father lost his vision to glaucoma; yet he still tried his hand at different employment opportunities for his family’s sake. He finally discovered Anand Brahmi Anwla oil which was and patented by someone else. Finances were still not enough for the family’s needs. So Varsha and her elder brother decided to work to support the family. Varsha’s family expressed great reluctance regarding her decision to work. She stood firm in her decision, anyway, and her conservative family finally allowed her. With the help of a dear friend, she landed a job in the government service. Now Varsha became excited to go through a new life journey: working for her family. This was a big commitment for her; she did this out of love.

But destiny plays a cruel game sometimes.

Young, bright and beautiful at 18, Varsha fell in love. The man who captured her heart was a true gentleman who helped her out of all the difficulties any young girl could face. He was a very suave and hardworking guy who realized that she needed him to take care of her and be able to work with dignity. He then proposed marriage to her.

Varsha became extremely reluctant. What about her dreams? Her work? Her family? Surely at a very young age her family would disapprove of a marriage. What will everyone say? Intercaste marriage?

But love still won. Love always wins. Despite all odds and diaspprovals from both families, Varsha and her man tied the knot. Now, another chapter in her life unfolds. A new journey she will embark through with her husband. They started a family, moved to their own home, had family obligations, worked hard to support a growing family, and had three children.

And I now proudly say that I am her child. And Varsha is my mother.

A very confident, hardworking and daring woman, that’s what my mother is. She gave me and my siblings the best of education and tried her best to make everyone happy. My mother is the one who made me what I am today.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that my mother always cried at the Bidai ceremony of any girl as if it was her own. Aside from that, she always offered her voluntary services on managing wedding functions and ceremonies for family members and friends. She’d be enthusiastic in her preparations, even spending time,money and energy to organize a beautiful wedding ceremony. That had always puzzled me- why is she like that?


Well, I realized the answer later on- she had always dreamed of a lovely wedding. She had wonderful plans for her own marriage, and these plans she enthusiastically prepared for others whenever someone in the family or a friend got married.

As for me, my dream was to make her a bride all over again.

To fulfill this dream, my brothers and I  prepared a special 50th wedding anniversary for them in 2013.

To see her happy makes us all happy, we made her a lovely bride all over again. She was overwhelmed by this gesture by her children to celebrate her.

Varsha is my mother. I will proudly tell the world how loving and courageous my mother is, and how proud I am to be her daughter.

With this story, I express my gratitude and big love for the woman who bore me, nurtured me and made my entire life whole. And we will all continue to shower her with all the love she deserves for the rest of our lives.


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