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Who doesn’t want to be a wealthy woman? Get your answers from Priyanka Bhatia!

“This is the first time in India’s history that so many women are earning – probably more than their parents or grandparents. Yet, managing their own money productively is not taught or encouraged in our patriarchal society. Women On Wealth’s  mission is to help women create wealth with our education and training programs. We are not financial planners, though we’re competent in that field, too. We run money mindset training programs at WOW Money Gym where the goal is not just making more money. The goal is living life on your own terms.”, says Priyanka who leads money mindset training programs at WOW Money Gym.

As the term wealth attracts you, me or anyone, Priyanka Bhatia helps people become money magnets. Meet Priyanka, founder of WOW, Women On Wealth and co-founder of Money Gym. Money can really make one lose ones head. But this bindaas Punjabi girl  is cool, polite and knows great Bhangra dance  moves.

Read the interview in detail to get better with your wealth quotient.

When did you first understand this is your calling?

When our first client realized her 10-year-old dream of buying her first property after just 3 months of completing her money program, I realized this is what I wanted to do – train women in managing their mindset, losing habits that sabotage their life goals, handle money effectively, and – most of all, be free of anxiety about money. This fulfils me! It inspires me, and gives meaning to my life.

How you help women create wealth?

We’re excited to share a methodology that has been developed through personal, practical experience, years of research, and thousands of hours of training that helps women create wealth. This is high impact, step-by-step method that takes around three months to complete, depending on the level of the individual. Our participants are entrepreneurs, home makers, executives and even CEOs. Women who have worked with us have created and reached their financial goals – even those that looked impossible to reach!

What do you think are 3 biggest hurdles that women face in creating wealth?

The single largest hurdle is Mindset: Women’s mindset – their habitual ways of thinking – come in the way of them creating wealth.

Some of the ways of thinking which sabotage financial freedom are:

– Somebody else will manage my money for me. The men in my family won’t let me.

– I can’t do math.

– I know how to do this, even though my way doesn’t seem to work.

– Life is right now – let me just spend. I’ll think about the future later.

– I’m destined to struggle for money in my life. No point doing anything about it.

– Let me invest – that will be my compulsory saving. This will help.

– I’m living from paycheck-to-paycheck, and it’s ok. Money will come.

– I’m in a vicious circle. No one can help me, now! This is what my life is about.

Women let their habitual way of thinking be the biggest hurdle in them creating wealth. These habits continue to keep them stuck in their current financial situation, and not take the actions which are needed for them to reach their goals of

– having enough money

– being a better money manager

– be debt-free

– buy property

– corpus for children’s education

– retirement fund

– holidays, solitaire ring, etc.

What you should not do if you want to be wealthy and rich?

If you want to be wealthy, just recognize your challenges with money and don’t let your mind keep you in that trap. Remember the saying – the mind that created that problem, can’t solve it. It just goes well for our program. Just take the leap ahead, and ask for a free ‘Golden Nuggets’ session to help you get the taste of our WOW Money Gym program here – – get clarity on your financial goals

Iidentify your current financial situation

– Identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be – financially, and

-Build a roadmap to covering that gap

2 most important money killer habits:

  1. Spending unconsciously – raising your financial consciousness is the key to building financial intelligence. The consciousness can’t be raised without creating structures around money – and, this is what our program does. It helps you get structured and organized with your money so that you’re financially intelligent and financially free.
  2. Investing without learning money management and building the mindset of an investor – this is like building the first floor of your house without building the ground floor. Can the first floor be built? No! It can’t – pretty obvious, right?

Similarly, in your financial life, money management and building the mindset of an investor is the foundation of your financial life. Without a strong financial foundation, jumping to investments will not help you grow your money and be wealthy.

I have decided to go to WOW Money Gym and learn to build my financial abs. Would you? For more info connect with


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Himanshi Lydia Singh

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13 comments on “Who doesn’t want to be a wealthy woman? Get your answers from Priyanka Bhatia!

  1. The good thing is there are people who are raising awareness on finances. Is it a cultural thing that women were not taught on finances?

  2. Georgia on said:

    Really interesting article and I think this applies to woman everywhere, I believe managing finances should be taught in schools to all children. I have found out the hard way about saving/spending money. I just paid off a huge £2500 debt last year and I’m slowly saving for our own home.

  3. Himanshi I absolutely loved this article and loved reading about financial consciousness .

  4. Subha natarajan on said:

    Great article..womnare limited by their perceptions only..definitek a goal for all women

  5. Great post about how to handle your financial part. I don’t need it myself, but I can understand this can be so helpful to others!

  6. Prerna Sinha on said:

    I am definitely one of these women. I so need to learn to manage finances. I also wonder why women are tuned like this? Why are we so careless about planning our finances?

  7. “Somebody else will manage my money for me. The men in my family won’t let me.” I guess this is one of the common reasons why some women today are drawing back and losing their full potential when it comes to financial matters… good thing most women today are now wiser

  8. What a great post indeed especially on financial. Financial Management is the major I am taking right now and hopefully I can use it soon! Thank you for sharing.


  9. We live in the 20th century where women are entitled to financial freedom… it’s time we all give our best shot at managing wealth the best ways we can.

  10. WOW is an interesting organization. It’s nice to know of more and more people/groups helping women everywhere. I’m also into women empowerment. 🙂 I help empower moms to be H.O.P.E. (Hands-On Parents while Earning). 🙂

  11. I totally agree with the two important money killer habits to be aware and to avoid. We have to be conscious with our financial purchases especially if it is a need or a want and also determine the value that our purchase will bring to us. Meanwhile, for investments, we need to be at least knowledgeable so we can at least have a return on our investments.

  12. Wow! Enjoyed reading every bit of this article. Women should really stop belittling themselves and stop depending on partners, to manage their finances or to even earn. Hoping that many parents and husbands let their daughters and wives to learn financial education.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  13. this article just what i was looking for your style is unique compared to other people enjoyed every bit of your post




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