Women Leaders from world over fly down to India for Women Economic Forum by Dr Harbeen Arora


May 14th, 2016 New Delhi: For the very first time, India will host a major global event where women from over 100 countries for a global marathon 409 session strong conference around economically empowering and uplifting women to integrate and contribute to societal well being as well as showcase India as the global growth engine and leader of the new world order.

Never before has any organisation or chamber taken up such a mammoth task of raising the Indian flag globally as a major super power ready to be the center point to discuss global issues that concern the world at large and take leadership positions.

Never before there have been over 600 speakers, 80% from across 90 nations, speaking in a single forum. Never before has India seen such a large gathering of powerful women coming together to discuss, learn, forge partnerships and do business together.

ALL Ladies League will host its Women Economic Forum (16th-21stMay) in New Delhi Pullman Hotel. The theme of the conference is “Women: Uplifting & Uniting The World”.

Women from various countries and all walks of life will meet to discuss social empowerment, leadership, economic, business andsocial issues.

ALL Ladies League is the largest world’s congregation of women. The community has over 30,000 members with 450 global chapters, spanning 75 countries. It is a women’s international network of powerful, positive and purposeful energy of multidimensional thought leadership and global friendship in the midst of great networking for business where each woman’s story is an inspiration.

Women Economic Forum is the largest summit for diverse women to enhance women’s leadership and women’s friendship locally and globally in order for women to become proactive agents of change in

ALL spheres of self and society.

Global delegates from more than 90 countries will be participating in 408 sessions with 28 themes. Topics will include Innovation, Start-ups, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business and Globalization, Diplomacy, Sustainable Development, Peace and Spirituality, Social Empowerment, Environment, Health , Arts and Sciences and more.

Among international dignitaries, WEF will be joined by –

*Her Royal Highness of Kuwait along with 20 of the most powerful business women from the Arab world,

*Minister from the local government in Madrid,

*Cabinet Minister from Fiji with a delegation of seven women from the rural areas;

*Senators from Egypt and Jordan;

*Ambassadors and their representatives from over 60 countries.

*Faculty from Harvard University, Stern NYU, MIT,

*Peace leaders as Dena Merriam,

*From the worlds of Global Business and Forbes listed global leaders such as the Breege Donoghue, President of Primark/Penny’s (UK/Ireland); Savannah Maziya, President of the Bunengi group from South Africa, the largest in Africa in construction and infrastructure; Demet Sabanci of the noted Sabanci Family in Turkey.

*Many young trailblazers in start-ups and entrepreneurship from across the world who are doing remarkable work in technology and innovation.

From India WEF will have the honour to have Union cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, other political leaders and senior members from Government, media, business giving talks on the rise of India as the new global growth engine and a power house and a great place to invest in. Focus will be on “make in India” and India as an integral leader of the new world order.

All studies by the major economic and political research organisations across the world have now come to the conclusion that India indeed will lead global economic growth.

The holding of Women Economic Forum is thus a significant timely step to position India as the new hub for investment and leadership.


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