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#WomenHealth – Jabong offers 6 months of maternity leave

After the whole world warmly welcome Rajya Sabja’s amendment to the Maternity Bill, the fashion e-tailer Jabong took lead this Friday and announced six months of maternity leave for its women employees.

“Women represent 30 per cent of Jabong’s workforce and 60 per cent of our revenue. Making the work culture more inclusive is an economic imperative for our success,” Deepa Chadha, Chief Human Resource Officer, Jabong, said.

The move comes ahead of the Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill that will be tabled in the Lok Sabha in the upcoming Winter Session. The Bill allows 26 weeks of maternity leave to working women, besides providing for 12 weeks of maternity leave for commissioning mothers. It has also introduced an enabling provision of “work from home” for nursing mothers.

Mother's presence is the best gift for the new born
Mother’s presence is the best gift for the new born

The Bill is likely to impact an estimated 1.8 million women working in India’s organised sector, and is expected to encourage many more to join the corporate sector.

Main reason for women dropping out of jobs and sharp drops in the corporate hierarchy, from 25% at entry level positions to 16% at middle management and only 4% at senior management level, are no paid maternity leaves.

This has dual impact of loss in family household income and companies losing skilled human resources, having overall long term adverse effect on economy. According to McKinsey, women in India contribution to paid work force is only 24% as compared to 40% globally. For a growing economy like India’s,

In such times, when more women are joining workforce at the entry level, this becomes essential to retain the skilled & trained workforce.


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