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World’s most powerful women in Tech

worlds-top-most-powerful-women-in -tech

There are powerful women that are climbing up the high ranks in the tech industry. These women have made significant differences in the companies where they hold very important positions. They wowed their colleagues with the amount of dedication they poured into their jobs and came out stronger every time.

Take for example what Melinda Gates has done since she co-founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was able to generate millions of donations that were used for education and health causes.

Ursula Burns, for her part, made waves not just as the first African-American woman Chairman and CEO but also as the one who drove Xerox’s earnings to over US$18 billion. That is quite impressive, if you ask us, for Xerox and for any tech companies around.

Gates and Burns and the rest of the women on the list provide some source of inspiration for everyone to take control of their life and career by making the right choices along the way. It may be challenging to gear towards the path of success but it can be done, no matter what age or gender you might be in.

The powerful women in tech in 2016 are truly in a league of their own. The difference they made in the field clearly shows that even the previously male-dominated industry has been invaded and it is easy to see why. These women are pictures of strength, resilience, and guts because even the going gets tough, they were able to rise above all, coming out victorious.

Take a peek on the inspiring stories of these high-ranking women in tech and see why they are worth emulating.  Here is an entertaining infographic we have prepared with you in mind:


World’s Most Powerful Women in Tech






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