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10 beauty tips for the brides to be

As they say, a girl looks the prettiest on her wedding day, which is also the most special day of her life. On this day, everything about the bride, from head to toe matters. Every accessory will add to the beauty of the bride. But a lot goes into making her look so charismatic. So let’s take you through the process that goes on behind the scenes.

These are 10 ways to be the most beautiful bride:

1) Healthy eating habits: We often rely on make-up and cosmetic products for a perfect glowing look, but there is no substitute for healthy food when it comes to naturally glowing skin. You should check your eating habits one year in advance and consume as much healthy food as you can. Green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lots of water can do wonders. Make it a point to add these to your diet and eliminate fried and processed food. The results will be spectacular.

Fruits and vegetables are a must in the diet
Fruits and vegetables are a must in the diet

Say NO to crash diet. Many girls start crash dieting just to have a great waist line. This can have very adverse effect on health. Madhu was a bit on the plump side so she decided to starve for three months. It led to bad ulcers and she has severe implications.

2) Workout Regime: If you are a fitness enthusiast then you can skip this tip. But if you need to shed those extra kilos, you must read on. Talking of workout, there are two ways of doing it. First, at home and second, by hitting the gym and hiring a personal trainer. Both ways are good but if you have less time in your kitty, you need to hire a personal trainer. S/He will cater to your needs and make sure you are in perfect shape at the time of wedding. Still, if you are not a fan of gym style workout, then you can buy dumbbells, treadmill and follow fitness videos at home.




3) Manicures and Pedicures: Manicures and pedicures are a must for the to be bride. At least 3 weeks prior to the wedding, you should fix appointments with a salon to bring out the real glow of your hands and feet. Heat and dust cause hands and feet to look dull and wearied, which can mar your appearance. Take my word for it, nicely done nails and glowing skin will make you look more confident and presentable.


4) Make a monthly facial routine: Monthly facial helps in keeping the skin tight and preventing the acnes from attacking the skin. Book a salon and make sure they treat your face for all your problem areas, especially black and white heads, and acnes. “For a home-based pre-bridal routine, specialized skin care should ideally begin at least four to six weeks in advance”, says Shehnaz Husain, the well known beauty expert. If you have the budget, it is our advise to consult a cosmetologist for your once in a life time moment. And, if you don’t, you could also read our 10 minutes to 10 year younger skin home remedies.


5) Hair treatment: Months before the D-Day you can start taking regular hair spas to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Hair experts say,” Along with salon treatment, home remedies can also be opted as it will have a lasting effect.” Products like yoghurt, egg, multani mitti and reetha will enhance your texture and also help in getting rid of dandruff, if the need be.fashion_beauty_02_hd_picture_168130 - Copy


6) Lips: If your lips get dry too often, you can make a paste of butter, saffron leaves and rose petals, and apply it on your lips on a regular basis. This will not only cure the dryness, but also render extra shine to them. Also, you can apply SPF 20-30 cream before applying lip gloss or lipstick, to keep them hydrated.



7) Dental cleaning: Dental cleaning isn’t that popular with brides and the wedding season, but mind it, yellow and unclean teeth are a big turn off. With all the focus on you, you might want to get those discolored teeth fixed. The clean and whitened tooth will accentuate your smile and make you look prettier. The experts say, “It is important to note that teeth whitening should not be overdone or it might cause tooth sensitivity”.

Clean Sparkling teeth a must for beautiful bride to be

8) Make a SOS make-up kit: There would be times when you might need a touch up or a quick hairdo at home, then the SOS kit would be your savior. Make sure you include every important make up product in it. Moreover if you face trouble making one, you can buy it online too.


9) Take enough sleep: By the time wedding day arrives, brides are over stressed and tired. That beautiful bridal outfit, jewelry and make up can’t take that tired look away. The wedding day is usually very busy and long. Groom arrives at 9:30 -10:00 pm in Indian context and ceremony may take long to finish stretching till early morning next day. Never mind the long line of guest meeting. So, what a bride to be needs in plenty is sleep.

Get plenty of good sleep before the D Day
Get plenty of good sleep before the D Day

10) Beautiful smile: Last but not the least; do not forget to wear your beautiful smile, as there is no beauty tip that can make up for it.

These tips will definitely make you look the prettiest. If you have any other ‘must do’ tips for to be brides, do mention them in comments below. Happy Wedding!!!

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Ashmita Ahuja

Ashmita Ahuja

Ashmita Ahuja is a budding writer and a passionate reader. She harbours an infinite love for words. Apart from this, she is a fashion enthusiast, enjoys meeting new people and travelling. But most of all, she yearns to improve and become a better version of herself.

3 comments on “10 beauty tips for the brides to be

  1. Great tips for a bride to be! Smile is really the most important one! To get enough sleep is also important as it’s good for your health, skin but also mentally. I love the idea that brides should eat healthy and exercise. It’s just looking so much better on pictures of THE DAY.

  2. Every bride to be needs to read this especially the part that says, “no crash diet” because they really have to prepare their bodies for this one special moment in their life. And of course, these tips will make one look really stunning during the wedding day.

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