10 Things Parents Must Train Their Children In

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Children’s Day Special – “Geniuses are made, not born”, these are the words of Laszlo Polgar, a Hungarian educational psychologist. In his book, Bring Up Genius, he proposes that with hard work, children can be raised to become geniuses. He experimented with his three daughters and raised all of them to become chess prodigies.

Childhood is a crucial stage when it comes to the development of an individual’s personality. A child is like potter’s clay, can be moulded in beautiful shapes when it is wet. Teaching your children from young age in important areas of life will prepare them for a better and brighter future.  

On this Children’s Day, we present a list of 10 important skills and ways  you should training your children in to help them grow up as strong and positive individuals:

  1. Teach her in how to handle money:

Money is one of the few things that drives the world. Despite its importance, skill to handle finances is never taught in schools. Teaching your kids to differentiate between wants and needs will make them money wise. Start by giving them small weekly allowances and later instill in them a “saving” habit. Teach them the difference between spending and investing. Here you can find some important money lessons for your kids.

  1. Train him or her in at least one musical instrument or vocal:

Music is the language of the soul. Honing your kid’s musical sense by either teaching him/her how to play an instrument or guiding them to use their vocal prowess will surely aid their holistic development. A 2016 study concludes that musical involvement in childhood boosts their intellectual, creative and social skills.

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Habit of music


  1.  Being Diligent will pay off:

Teaching your ward to be hard working at a very young age goes a long way. When he/she starts to value hard work and begins to understand the benefits, then he/she will fare well, academically or outside the classroom. Most of the times these lessons will stick with them throughout their life.

Teach Kids value of hardwork
  1.  Inculcate the culture of physical fitness:

Training them in at least one sport will not only take care of your kids’ extra energy but will also channelize it. If you don’t have a budget for sports classes, instill a routine to run. A running habit not only keeps one fit but always pushes the runner to outperform themselves too. Cultivating this habit will ensure that your ward constantly challenges himself/herself to strive for more.

  1.  Practicing Punctuality will help him excel:

Showing up on time never fails to impress anyone. Punctuality too is a habit which takes years to develop. People who value time will be valuable in their schools, universities, organisations too. Sowing the seeds of punctuality at an early age will ensure that this habit sticks through their life.

  1.  Communicating effectively:

By teaching your kid to communicate effectively will help them develop good communication skills, which is one of the most preferred skills in all the areas of life. Experts suggest that a secure environment is necessary so that your ward can loosen up and tell you what he/she feels. Acknowledge whatever your child tells you and make sure to react; proper feedback is important to foster a proper communication channel. Heed their ideas and tell them why they are right or wrong. Click here to find out how to teach effective communication skills to your wards.  

  1.  Teach them to Imagine:

DO you want your children to be visionaries, problem solvers with the ability to think out-of-the-box? So, teach them to imagine, visualize and be creative, by supporting their ideas and thoughts and not restricting them. Example, ask your child to narrate stories or write poems, create models etc. There are various tools, videos, and training available these days that you can make use of.

  1.  Preparing a meal:

Hunger pangs are inevitable. One thing is for sure, if you teach your kids how to fix up a quick meal then they won’t ever go hungry. This is one important life skill that many parents tend to ignore. Your presence is required when they start out with cooking because the kitchen is the most accident-prone room in a house. They can start with fire-less cooking to begin with. Thinking about where to start? Here are some cooking lessons for your young ones.

  1.  Basic first aid:

First aid is an essential skill which will  be useful throughout one’s life. Teaching your ward to patch his/her wounds will prove to be beneficial in the long run. You can begin by teaching them how to disinfect a wound, treat minor burns, and stop bleeding. Click here to learn how to go about teaching first aid to your child.

  1.  Rising early:

Early to bed, Early to rise; Makes you healthy wealthy and wise, that’s how an old saying goes. Rising before the sun requires one to hit the bet pretty early too. Thus, establishing a proper cycle. Early risers are able to tackle the day with clarity and enthusiasm. Get creative using these ten unique ways to wake your kid up early in the morning. 

These childhood years are the formative years of one’s life. Therefore, as a parent, you must build a strong foundation for your child’s character. Parenting surely seems to be tricky but with patience and persistence, you are building someone beautiful.

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