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4 Keys to A Painless Delivery – A Boon To Your Pregnancy

Going to be a mommy soon? We are sure you are enjoying each and every day of your pregnancy. But as the time of your baby popping is approaching, the thoughts of unbearable delivery pains must be making you anxious. So, why not explore some ways to help you reduce or avoid labour pain completely? Is it possible?

Yes! Sharing with four main ways that will give you painless delivery or at least reduce labor pains to a  great extent.

Pregnancy Workouts

More workouts lead to a better labor period. Majority of the pregnant women think that exercises during pregnancy are dangerous but the fact is that safe exercises like walking, running, stretching, yoga and Kegels are essential to an extent to balance your heart rate, blood pressure and blood circulation within your body. Labor pains caused highly due to the tightened muscles and cervix. Cardio exercises comfort the stiffness, smoothens the muscles near uterus and accelerate the endorphin hormones thus promoting safe and painless delivery. Endorphin is a pain-fighting hormone that is ironically released due to pain only. According to a study, women who diligently did pregnancy yoga, had a very short labor time with smooth delivery. Key is sooner you start better it is.


Keep Calm and Think Positive

Usually it is the other way around when you are lying on the bed moaning with labour. However, it is always recommended to tranquilize your mind and body with the help of some tried and tested techniques that a skilled labor coach will teach you. She will focus your mind towards the beautiful sensational tingling happening within your body and enables you to cope up with the burning contractions. Thinking good about how sooner will you have the little one in your arms who is going to give you the right to be called as a mommy will certainly swing your mood and evade off your anxiety of labor pain.

Keep Calm

Epidural Anaethesia

The most effective way out to a painless delivery is giving the Epidural Anaethesia to the pregnant lady hence making her insensitive to the pain caused during her labor. It is a safe yet effective drug that is inserted in the lower spine through an injection. Within a few seconds of absorbing the injection, the lady gets a hazy vibration and become conscious of all the things happening around her. She can see and understand but cannot feel anything at her lower area. The Epidural Anaethesia can only be given if the width of the cervix is atleast 4 cm. It is best recommended when the delivery has to be performed through ceaserean.



Water Birthing or Warm Hydro Effects

A therapy that allows the mother to sit in a tub of luke warm water loosening her pelvic muscles and widening the cervix of her uterus thus facilitating a smooth delivery. The warm water also has the tendency to descend the looming contractions to a great extent hence reducing the labor pain drastically. Welcome your baby with a happy and poised feeling. Make headway to your delighted sensation of being a mother without any painful interruptions. The above-mentioned techniques of handling pain during labor are effective and good to start with.

Please note that these are time tested methods and but must be done under expert guidance.

Leave your comments below if you have experienced any of the above methods worked for you. Share it with a friends who needs to know this.

Have A Happy Delivery!

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Akanksha Jain

Akanksha Jain

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