7 Doable Kids room interior decor ideas

As responsible and doting parents we all want what is best for our kids. Assigning a separate room for your kids would instill a sense of responsibility and independence in them as they grow up. Once they have room, their want to make t their space by giving it their identity. Brainstorm with your kids and find out the best decor for your sweethearts. The following are suggestions that might help you pick the right decor:

Always keep in mind what aura you wish for the room to have. The walls of any room decide it’s mood.

kids room decor & decoration ideas green yellow wall colors
Bright Colors are always the best for kids room


You can either choose a sober shade of paint and coat the walls.

Sticking kids art on the walls: 

or put your creative side into action and fill in the walls with sketches of your kid’s favourite cartoon characters.

wall pictures kids room decor & decoration ideas
Wall proudly displaying your kids art pieces

Kids Wallpapers a great option to make room look lively:

In case you happen to be a bit lousy at the painting stuff, you can use wallpapers. It might prove to be a lot less messy!kids-cartoons-room-decor

Kids grow every day. But it is difficult to monitor their growth on a day to day basis. Installing a growth chart in your kid’s room would help to keep a check on his/her height. Kids find it exciting to get their height and weight checked every once in a while.


If your kid is small then hang a dream catcher just above your kid’s bed to keep away the bad dreams.
It adds to the decor of the room and helps your kid sleep soundly.You can either hang a dream catcher above the bed or even frame a nice big picture of it and hang it on the wall above the bed.
Either ways, adios to bad dreams!wind-chime-dream-catcher

Photographs are a nice way to look back at the past. It reminds us of the time that would never come back. Take as many snaps as you can of your kids and your family, frame them and put them up in their room. This way, whenever they take a look at those pictures they would be reminded of their family and a smile would hang on their lips.

Photos of kids with family on the wall.Photo courtesy : Flikr.com
Photos of kids with family on the wall.

Putting up the pictures can be done in a thousand different ways. This is where you must urge the little grey cells of your mind to bring out the creative side in you.

Kids Furniture

Kids concept furniture is available in most kids furniture stores. In case, you have a budget, its a very nice way to customize your kids room as per the his her liking.



Customize furniture for more storage: 

What if the room is small. You can do a lot by creating lot of storage drawers that are easy to maintain and will keep the room tidy.

Space Utilisation
Space Utilisation

Choosing the perfect decor for your kid’s room creates a friendly environment for him/her to be around. Involve your kid while choosing the decor for his/her room. It will help nuture your relationship with your kids and you would also get to know their likes and dislikes.

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Aishwarya Ganapathy

13 comments on “7 Doable Kids room interior decor ideas

  1. I love that colorful bedroom! This summer vacation, the boys and I are planning to refurbish the boys’ room. Perhaps we would that chalkboard so they could doodle and write anything they want. I would want their room to be as colorful as those but I doubt they would love it. But these are indeed nice ideas. thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m already looking forward to day I’ll have my own family and home to decorate!

  3. WOW! these are beautiful ideas which really make the room stand out. any child would love to spend time in the room, and it helps to develop creativity and discipline. I like the idea of this as my son will be having his own room very soon so I can come back to this post for both tips and ideas. Bookmarking this!

  4. Doable and definitely agree with the last one. You can never ran out of things to store and so having more storage spaces is a must!

  5. I dream of that car bed for my son (soon if i already have a baby). Customized furnitures are nice. I plan to have all my kids artwork too posted on the wall. ❤️

  6. These bedrooms are so cute! I love the ideas that you have for decorating a room. My kids would love all of these rooms. I am not the best decorator so having ideas are awesome! I like the idea of using the kid’s artwork as decoration. It would be a fun way to celebrate and show off their work and give them pride in what they are doing.

  7. Wow!! I love all your chosen items!! All of it are beautiful and cute!!

  8. Oh I love those pictures on the wall. That is great for a living room too. Even I could have that in my own bedroom, fabulous with the black and white!
    I know that boys love those beds that look like cars. I know my brother did when he was young!

  9. Wow! These ideas are awesome! So so cute and perfect for children. One day I’ll get to design my kids’ rooms haha.

  10. Oh my, that racecar bed! I’ve always wanted to dress up my son’s room. Unfortunately, we’re just renting so we can’t do much renovations. Right now, we resorted to just putting stickers on the wall. I like the idea of the frames too – might work better in the living room with all of our pictures as a family. 🙂

  11. Definitely achievable! I already did most of your tips for my kid’s bedroom. Mounted photograph of their growth milestones and lately of their artworks. What I really like to try next would be to install custom furniture that would double as storage. Perfect for condo dwellers with very limited space. 🙂

  12. Definitely doable! I already did most of your tops for my kid’s bedrooms. Mounted photographs of their growth milestones and lately of their artworks. What I really like to try next would be to install custom furniture that would double as storage. Perfect for condo dwellers with very limited space. 🙂

  13. Georgia on said:

    I love the last one with all the draws, this is the style I want for my daughters room, she loves to help tidy away and knowing where all her toys go! We at struggling with what to paint her walls so this post has given me some inspiration!

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