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Flames dancing to the rhythm of the beating heart
A ground stained a deep red of the inhuman’s wine
A withered child lay limp, broken and breathless...



Walking through dingy corridors that echoed cries
The air so still but yet so loud with stories untold
On a termite infested door a soft rap
A coy reply...


Love song

Myriad hues of the twilight sky,
Sings the love song of departing sun,
As it tiptoes into the embrace of Kohl eyed night.
And the earth stands still,


A new Era Begins

Morning has broken its silence,
a new dawn, a new day, a new Era begins.
Sun shines, Birdies sings in my home garden,
Butterflies dance, Squirrels start swirls...


#Poem You Are The Woman

On this International Women’s Day I Dedicate this poem to all AWESOME Women! This is My Life, My Responsibility!
You are Love
You are Warmth
You are...

Culture Poems

# Poem – Oblivion

Slowly arising from a place
Dwells between real and imaginary,
Senses are blurred and defences are still down
Mind is fervently searching to put

Culture Poems

# Poem – Voyager

As the days roll by,
With determined steps of voyager,
From the speck of early orange to the soft glow of evening amber.
Life visible through the rear view of...




Woman, you are not here by chance, but to RECEIVE the BEST of the WORLD. That’s just an email away.