How To Make The Most Out Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s wedding theme is arguably the most romantic choice for a wedding, which makes Valentine’s Day the ideal day for weddings. There are however many other activities that can make the Valentine’s Day your best ever.

The following tricks seek to make the best out of any valentine’s day.

Candle lit meals

One of the oldest sign of romance is a meal, most preferably dinner, lit only by candles. It may sound cliché, but it’s a timeless gesture. A valentines wedding theme is incomplete without a candle-lit meal. The table should be set for two, with red flowers littering the table, and the candles covered by a round lantern glass.

Plan your proposal for Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and the best way to proclaim love for a spouse is by going down on one knee. Valentine’s Day makes proposing easier since there is a romantic tone in the offset of the day. There are many ways of proposing on valentine’s, either in front of friends, on a drive or even at a restaurant.

Have a photoshoot for two

Valentine photo shoots can be outdoor in a flowery park or garden, or an indoor one in a room decorated with a Valentine’s theme. Photography aims to capture the beauty, which is boosted by wearing valentine colored clothes. These photos are later frames and hanging around the house as a memory for the day.

Learn a new dance

Dancing is a romantic activity, and couples can take their time on valentines to add a new dance choreography to their collection. This can be done by an instructor in their studio, or they can follow a video tutorial on YouTube and learn it in the house. The new dance can be presented at a dinner with other couples, or in front of kids later on.

Karaoke at home

All a couple needs for a good private karaoke night for two is a sound system that offers the karaoke feature. The couple then makes a list of their favorite duo love songs, and sing out the lines, either together or taking turns. Karaoke opens up the heart, and the couple can laugh out the mismatched lyrics.


For the star-filled Valentine nights, a couple can gaze at the stars and try counting them while cuddling. The couple can choose a favorite outdoor spot and drive there, or they can climb to the roof and sit there having chocolate.

Plan a special getaway

Valentine’s Day should be for two, and a couple can arrange for childcare, switch off their phones and drive off to a dream destination. This creates time for the two, with no external interference, and a couple is able to learn each other better. This works perfectly when Valentine’s falls on a weekend, which allows for a longer time together.


Valentine’s Day is meant to be memorable, depending on what is planned, whether a Valentine wedding theme, a lazy day in the house or planning a getaway. Don’t forget to carry along a camera for the memories.

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Elena is a scuba diving enthusiast and has completed a lot of diving trips to different amazing locations. Apart from diving, she also loves writing about her travels. She works as a resident writer at which provides quality services to people who are interested in getting into the sport.

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