#IWILLGOOUT Spirit Unites Gurgaon

#IWILLGOOUT Solidarity March on 21st Jan 2017

21st January 2017 became a big day for a small change as Gurgaon came forward in a peaceful candle light march at DT City Centre, Gurgaon to show solidarity for nation wide campaign for women #IWILLGOOUT . Initiated by Smriti Chhabra of Gurgaon Community Circle , many women led organisations like Saahas, Gurgaon Action Plan, Ecolib Foundation, Magic Creation and many more, the protest witnessed many women and men from all over Gurgaon coming forward to show their solidarity for women safety and security.

Women & Men Pledging for safe Gurgaon
Women & Men Pledging for safe Gurgaon

 #IWILLGOOUT  is a nationwide movement for women by women where women go and reclaim public spaces as a symbol of a woman who is unafraid to move freely anywhere and anytime of the day she feels like. More women being on the road will lead to more acceptance and also less men trying to jeopardize their safety.

iwillgoout-campaign - for-women
Men posing for their support for women

Like men, women also have right to move around, party, go for a walk with friends. Men from all walks of life came up to show their acceptance too.

Men and women for women safety
Men and women for women safety

Smriti Chhabra, Souniya Khurana, Nilanjana Das, Gauri Sarin and other social leaders committed to work together to work further in the direction of improving women safety conditions in the Millennium city.

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