Last Minute Valentines Day Getaway Ideas For Single Women


Valentines Day is just a day away and all couples are all set with their plans for the day of love. But who said only couples can have fun on this day? For all the single ladies out there, I have a few last minute getaway ideas. Instead of sitting at home, tapping through Snapchat stories of couples and sulking all day, you alone or with your girlfriends could do one of these four things and  love yourselves on this Valentine’s Day. 


Camp in the mountains near of the lake. Bivouac on the lake in the Alps; Shutterstock ID 325001009

Setting up tents at a lakeside, sitting around a bonfire with your girls, humming good ol’ songs from back in the day, what else do you need? So pack all the essentials, find a good camping spot nearest you and head out to spend an amazing night with your girls.



Sometimes getting in touch with nature is all you need. Plus, treks are fun! Plan out an all-day trekking trip with your girls this V’day and enjoy what nature has to offer. The good thing is that there are chances of your phone not catching any signal so there are no chances of your ex bothering you!

3.Road trip:

Road Trip

Remember the endless road trips you planned during your school years that never happened? Well, its time to make it happen. One can never go wrong with road trips. They are fun, they are spontaneous and you don’t need an itinerary to have fun.

4.Shopping spree:

Go shopping to love yourself

Go on a shopping spree with your gal pals because retail therapy is the best therapy. Splurge a lil on yourself and remind yourself that you should love yourself first before loving anyone else. Plus, some extra bags and shoes will never hurt anyone!

Trust me doing one of these things with your fellow single girlfriends is going to make you appreciate them even more and is a good way of reminding yourself that you need no man to make you feel good about yourself, your girls can do that even better. Happy Valentines Day ladies!

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