Love song

Myriad hues of the twilight sky,
Sings the love song of departing sun,
As it tiptoes into the embrace of Kohl eyed night.
And the earth stands still,
Amidst shifting warmth of,
the day blazer.
Looming shadows of darkness,
Cascading over its horizon.
diminishing her, brightness out.
She stands alone almost in disbelief,
As their time together reaches to an end.
And then the magic happens,
Though trapped in the cycle of time,
Ready to cross over to another dimension,
The sun leans over and paints the sky.
In the dazzling array of its promises.
Streak of light passing through the kaleidoscope,
Soaks the earth in it’s calming fold.
Instilling the belief in tomorrow.

About the author

Namita Kumar

Namita Kumar

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