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#LoveRecipe – Chocolate fudge for my grandchildren

I love my grandchildren and will make this special chocolate fudge balls to let them know how much I love them.




Condensed milk          : 1 tin (400) gms

Pasturised butter         : 100 gms.

Drinking chocolate      : 100 gms.

Cashewnuts                 : 100 gms. Divide in halves


Heat the heavy bottom pan and melt butter on low flame.

On low flame, pour whole condensed milk in the pan and stir for 4-5 minutes.

Now add drinking chocolate in batter and stir till butter starts separating from the mixture.

Turn off the burner and keep pan aside.

Grease a glass dish and pour the batter in this dish and level it.

Garnish the fudge with cashewnuts.


Fudge is ready to serve


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Vimla Singh

One comment on “#LoveRecipe – Chocolate fudge for my grandchildren

  1. Yum! Those cashew nuts in fudge sound amazing! I can’t wait for my next opportunity to make fudge so I can try it out!




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