Letter From the Editor

My Life is My Responsibility

Letter From the Editor

“I can’t continue to work. My boyfriend is not happy. He tells me, “When I can fend for both of us, why you need to work?” ”, said Jyoti, my housemaid. Jyoti was very intelligent and a sharp girl and picked up things pretty fast. I couldn’t help ask her, “Why don’t you study?” “I studied till tenth, but left studies to support my family.” She shared her desire of how much she liked to study, work on computer and to master in Political Science. I sat with her and explained to her how education was the only way to bring her out of the cycle of poverty. I made her understand how important it was for her to make her own decision and need not depend on anyone else, either her boyfriend or husband, to live respectfully. Sp, she finally made her decision to study further and left. I was happy to let her go. A woman is not empowered due to how much she earns, economic empowerment is equally essential though, but how much she has freedom to take her own decisions. Much has been said and written. But, this month we are going to ACT. We, together, can give voice to dreams of many others too.

A woman is not empowered due to how much she earns, economic empowerment is equally essential though, but how much freedom she has to take her own decisions. Unfortunately, this power is not there with many women.  But, this month we are going to CHANGE and ACT. We will celebrate whole March as International Women’s Month, by SIGNING My Freedom Pledge – My Life, My Responsibility. Each woman should take this up and testify for her own empowerment.

We will also bring you stories of three women who by their sheer determination have empowered themselves in their own respective fields. One is Sumedha Mahajan, endurance runner, author, and Entrepreneur. Priyanka Bhatia founder of WOW Money Gym helps women create wealth. Dr. Anubhooti Bhatnagar went against the tide to put wings to her passion for educating unprivileged children and founded Neo Fusion Foundation.

Get to the heights of 11000 Feet with Manisha Kaushik to know how it feels to be on the Leh Trek. And. learn the 5 ways to redo your home in a friendly, cost effective way.

Watch out this space for MUCH MORE!

Yours Truly,

Himanshi Lydia Singh
Together We Can Do It!

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Himanshi Lydia Singh

Himanshi Lydia Singh

Believer, mother, creative thinker, blogger and a compulsive entrepreneur, i love, live & write with passion.

3 comments on “My Life is My Responsibility

  1. Beautiful Article Ma’am 🙂

  2. Beautiful Article Ma’am 🙂

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