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Office politics! Should I Quit?

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Question: Dear Expert, I am facing politics in my work place. I have joined this organization 6 months back at an important position. But, I have a colleague in my team who has teamed up with other senior colleagues and feeds wrong info to my boss. As she is an old employee, boss trusts her more. I know she is doing it out of insecurity. But, it is sabotaging my position. I am not allowed to do my job for which I was hired. I have tried to talk to my boss several times, but he tells me to inform her for whatever is there. I feel frustrated and I might have to leave my job if this continues. But, at the same time I don’t want to give in to situation and just let them win. Help me what I should do. Best regards, Vandana, New Delhi


Hi Vandana, Thank you for reaching out. Work politics and dynamics are already tricky as I come across a lot of similar situations in my corporate workshops and coaching sessions. So, first of all, know that you are alone in this, many face similar issues so the first thing I would suggest is to not think of ‘quitting’!

If this is a good job in many other ways, I would suggest you learn to play the game instead. Focus on building other work networks, get visibility with others in the organization and focus on doing your best job. This will get noticed and this colleague can only do so much damage.

I would also suggest that you talk to this colleague, as you are right, she is coming from a place of insecurity. So, let us address that with her, however not by questioning , threatening or calling  her upon the wrong information she is feeding others, but rather try and make her a work friend! Let her see that she does not need to feel threatened by you, help her realise you are part of the same team, so when you do a project with her give her credit too, she will realise that you are fair and not out to make her look bad. Rather in your success lies her success too…

Hope that helps Vandana and all the best!

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Aparna Balasundaram

Aparna Balasundaram

2 comments on “Office politics! Should I Quit?

  1. Hi,

    If I may add, (1) let your work performance speak for itself. This is your best defense if someone is sabotaging your work or spreading lies about you. It will also do well w/ you if you’ll learn to keep an audit trail of transactions and documents that emanates or passes thru you.

    This old article of mine may be of help: How to handle Office Politics and Workplace Bullying

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