Top 10 Powerful Bollywood Female Characters of 2017

Movies released in Year 2017 special. Not only that these were successful, intriguing and inspirational, but had really powerful female characters that gave good shape to their box office destiny. Here are the 10 most powerful female characters of 2017 as per THEWOOMAG.

Devki in Mom

Devki is a ‘mom’ played by Sridevi in ‘Mom” who seeks justice for her daughter, brutally gangraped in the car and then thown out on the road. Denied justice, Devki who is already struggling with her role of a step mom now decides to avenge her girls rape. Then how the very open minded, affectionate, composed Devki converts into a strategic brutal avenger is spine chilling.

Jaya in Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Jaya in Toilet ek prem katha is a forward-looking girl and focuses on the necessity of having toilets at every home. Denied approval, she leaves her husband without thinking about the society and educates the village ladies about sanitation. The story gets its charm when this bold lady without losing heart, fights for thousands of such women who are deprived of their basic rights of having toilets in their homes and gets the grand slam.

Insiya Urf Insu in “Secret Superstar”

Insiya belongs to a middle class family and aspires to become a top singer. Not to infuriate her Abbu, a staunch conservative father, Insiya makes her debut as Secret Superstar on YOUTUBE concealing her identity under the burqua (veil) Does she win? Yes, she not only becomes a trending youtuber with millions of views but also wins in getting her mother free from the clutches of marital abuse.

Mita in “Hindi Medium”

She is strong, attractive and ambitious, married to a Chandni Chowk tycoon. But there is something else too about her. Mita ( Saba Qatim) is pretty conscious of her old Delhi background and Hindi medium education, though as per her better half she speaks better English than him. Mita would do anything to get her girl admission in an elite English medium school attended by whos who of society. Why? To overcome her own stigma and to be socially compatible. Mita adamantly decides to shift home from Chandni Chowk and settle in a posh area amongst rich personalities to learn their lifestyle and be accepted by them. Does she get success? How? At What Cost?

Rajmata Sivagami in “Baahubali 2”

Beautiful, magnificent, warrior queen, Shivgami is an apt character for an Epic queen. Rajmata Shivgami is the warrior mother in Bahubali 2 , the epic series, played by Ramya. She takes an unbiased decision of making Baahubali as the new king of Maheshmati overpowering her own son Bhalal. How the heroic lady saves Baahubali’s son on the cost of her life is unnerving.

Devsena in “Baahubali 2”

Charming yet heroic warrior princess of Kuntala Kingdom, Devsena’s role is played by Anushka Shetty. The strong headed lady was very clear about her views and bold enough to put them forward. Devsena fought back courageously with Maheshmati attackers with her own set of bows and arrows. After her wedlock with Baahubali, how she mastered in handling the miseries is worth knowing.

Shireen Aslam in “Lipstick under my Burqa”

Konkona sen has played the role of conservative and irresolute woman, Shireen Aslam. Trapped within the claws of domestic abuse and narrow minded husband, Shireen was unable to do anything better for herself except for undergoing abortions every time her husband ejaculates inside her. How her slow wittedness converted into intelligence and got her out of the miserable condition is stupefying.

Shahran Mehra in “Ribbon”

Career oriented, business minded, audacious Shahran’s role in Ribbon is played by Kalki Koechlin. The perfect woman sooner experiences an imperfection in her relation with Karan. Incapacitated to mark a balance between love and work, how boldly she takes steps is breath taking.

Buaji in “Lipstick Under My Burqa”

Ratna Pathak Shah has played a very blunt role of Buaji in ‘Lipstick under my Burqa. An aged widow having to fulfilled her sex appeal is indiscreet and not acceptable by the world. How she continues talking to a boy over the phone half her age and satisfies her sexual titillation is very provocative to the double standards of the society that we live in.

Bitty Sharma in “Bareily ki Barfi”

Bitty Sharma (Kirti Shanon), a small town girl yet spunky girl who doesn’t have any qualms about drinking, smoking and partying. She believes in self independence and wants to lead a carefree life. It is destiny indeed for how she finds someone with same traits like hers. And, the matchmaker is nothing but a book.

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