Top 7 Interesting and Unique DIY Ideas For Wedding Decoration


Doing all the decorations and preparations for the wedding by yourself at home will not only save money but also will give a personalised touch to all your wedding decorations. And, you can do it easily just by the use of social media and youtube channels. In this article, we give you 7 simple yet innovative ideas and tricks which you can use to create unique and stylish decor pieces for the wedding.

Check out this list of homemade decorations for the wedding day.

  1. Glitter-Dipped Feathers
Gold and glitter dipped feathers
Feathers dipped in Gold and glitter make awesome wedding decor.

Image Source

Most people can’t imagine a wedding decoration without the feather. The traditional white doves are considered pure and a symbol of good luck. You should use golden glitter on the pretty white feathers.


  • Apply liquid glue on the feathers.
  • Then, dip them in a glitter jar.

Now, you can use it as centerpieces, in vintage bottles.

  1. Cute Painted Pumpkins For a Fall Wedding
Fall wedding
Fall Wedding Centerpieces White Pumpkins.

Image Source

You have happily decided to marry your special someone in the autumn season. You definitely don’t have a broad list of flowers and decorations accessible as these flowers are used only for summer weddings. Here comes the unique solution. You can use Mr. And Mrs. signed Pumpkins.

  1. LED Lights in Mason Jars
With the unique glow of copper and warm white LED lights
Add mason jar lights with Rose Gold wire to give extra special look To The Wedding.

Image Source

You can’t expect anything easier and cooler than this! Get some Mason jars with lids. You have to add one LED lights string in each Mason jars. This is one of the sparkiest ways to lighten up any reception party.

  1. Love Story – Tree With Pictures of Beautiful Moments
Photo display wedding trees
Diy wedding centerpieces ideas

Image Source

Collect 20 pictures of the groom and the bride. On a string, attach the photos in a chronological order. There should a lot of space between the pictures. If you are arranging an outdoor reception, wrap your photographic garland around a thick “Love Story” Tree.

  1. Rustic Rope Wrapping Wine Bottle
Rustic Dinner
Wrapped Wine Bottles Twine.

Image Source

The rustic wedding is on trend these days. Thus, we can see so many homemade wedding decorations. You can use anything as a container from vases to Mason jars and plastic cups. Decorate your favorite container using the rope to make an amazing centerpiece recipient.

  1. Gold Painted Balloons
white and gold balloons
Love the white and gold balloons.

Image Source

Balloons are one of the easiest and affordable things used for the glamorous wedding. Plus, gold paint and white balloons make an ideal combination.

  1. Ribbon and Lace Wrapped Jars
wedding decoration diy
Pink lace covered mason jar vases.

Image Source

Lace is classically used for almost every grand wedding. You will not only find it in the decoration but also in every dress. The lace offers the more stunning look, particularly when combined with dainty ribbon.

I hope you have found this article inspiring and helpful.

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