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When Will I Make News?

So, Ms. Travel Bee of Meenal Aggarwal of our WOO Community is making news. We are very happy to see her featured in Asian News Channel. Check out Here.

Ms Travel Bee coverage in Asian News Tv Channel

As you read this, you might ask yourself when would you make news.

When does one make news?

I am asking you to answer these questions with to know if you can make news too!

When i say ‘You‘, i mean you as an individual or your business or service that you have gotten into existence.

What specific need you are addressing? 

This is the era of niche businesses. No One would have cared if  Meenal had just started just another travel agency. It would just get lost in the the crowd. But, she offers specialized services for women travelers. And there is great demand for such a service especially in our country when women safety is of prime concern. What is that specific need you are addressing? 

What does it mean to people? 

What matters is how you position your business. Ms Travel Bee’s tagline is Empowering Women Travel. “There is wanderer in every woman”, it goes on. How does your target group perceive you is important. What you are trying to say or mean should be equal to what your customers understand of you.

Does it make any difference to any area/s of peoples’ lives?

Gist is – Are you doing something good to someone? Women have this need to break free and explore world too. But, women travelling alone is not the part of our culture and not safe either. Ms Travel Bee is doing good by organizing women group tours where women feel safe in each others company and also enjoy their holidays.

How is it different from what others are doing?

This will answer what is your competitive advantage. Being different sets you apart from others offerings and increases your visibility in the market. Recently some women specific travel groups have come up. But, we have to wait and watch this space.

How well do you do it?

Just being different will be an initial advantage. But, what takes you from business to brand is how well you execute the business. This will determine your customer  satisfaction level.

What difference will it make to people if you were not there?

This questions is as brutal as Robin Sharma’s book titled Who will cry when you die, but also a crucial one to answer. I mean, do they need you at all?

And, finally,

Do you love what you do?

Believe me, if you are here only to make money, there are great chance that you will get weary faster as things get complex and competition will get fierce. You will be able to think creatively and come out with solutions only if you are passionate about what you do. Meenal, founder of Ms Travel Bee is crazily in love with what she does. And, this is just a beginning.

As you answer these, you will understand the difference between just having a voice or a powerful voice, having a business or a brand.

The difference you make will determine the special place the world will offer you.

Happy entrepreneurship.

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Himanshi Lydia Singh

Himanshi Lydia Singh

Believer, mother, creative thinker, blogger and a compulsive entrepreneur, i love, live & write with passion.

15 comments on “When Will I Make News?

  1. I think making something newsworthy or blogworthy, it also has to tell a great story from the get-go. I don’t mean narratives alone, though. I think to best way to be remembered online is when you know how to craft stories that connect people and encourage community. All your tips are great! Thanks for the read.

  2. In India, the news reports of abuses and crimes committed against women were on the news. Focusing on the concerns of women travellers is an excellent idea. The question is, will this business be sustained?

    Why do customers refer? Why do customers return?

    They got value for their money. In this case, it is not only the fun, but the safety too.

  3. I adored reading this article, all the points you addressed are so relevant. I do think however that the last point about love is the most important.

    Starting a new project is not easy, it takes strength and determination; you have to have love to keep going!

    Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  4. A very inspiring article Himanshi. And it is wonderful that a fellow Woo club member is doing so well.

  5. I’ve been invited on several public affairs program, TV mag  and documentary shows because of my cyber wellness advocacy. You’re right, when you’re message is relevant and you address a specific need, you will be in the news, in a positive way

  6. I love this. in order to be noticed, you must offer something new, that wasn’t offered before or in the same way. You can’t be leader by following the crowd.

  7. I loved all of your points and you are right no woman should travel alone. I even think it is dangerous for even a man to travel alone you should always have a travel buddy plus experiences are better if they are shared.

  8. I am also so much in love with my blog and I am crazy about spending time with my blog, or other bloggers or whatsoever. Its so true that passion is so important to make a business work. I hope one day I can earn money with my blog. That would be amazing.

  9. Great article! I think you have to be authentic to really have impact. When you are authentic you love what you do and are able to go out with an make a difference in the world. That is when you make the news.

  10. I think when you make an impact to someone, that is a great news. You influence them by being able to tell your good story.

  11. Sumita Dass on said:

    You are an inspiration Himanshi …..“without ambition one starts nothing ..without work one finishes nothing the prize will not be sent to you …you have to win it’ -by Ralp Waldo Emerson are so true to women of substance and goes out to you as well .
    For me being a social entreprenure and educationst for 18 yrs now running my ngo in support of youth and promoting art and culture from Northeast India…with the youth of the rest of the country in creative cultural communications through the process of seminars, exchanges, workshops and other cultural activities. The dances draws its charm by virtue of the folk music that accompanies hence the need of preservation, development and dissemination of cultural heritage of India.
    Its hard work but love and enjoy with I do

  12. I agree to this – especially the last one. As they say, if you work on what you love, it’ll never feel like work at all. And I like that it applies to that. I think this post is just the push I needed to continue working on my personal projects for this year. Thank you. 🙂

  13. Make sure if you make the news, it is for doing something that is good and useful to everyone else. Safety for women is a concern everywhere. Women should be aware of their surroundings at all times.

  14. I’ve read of many success stories where the aithors just started out doing what they love. I suppose it does stem from there. Eventually, you’d go out aeeking to help others with your stories and experiences. And then boom, you get discovered! 🙂




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