I have to Say This

You are too young to date


“You’re too young to date!” Said the man who swept my mum off her feet when she was just 14.

 “I’m much older than mom was when you started dating her, Dad!” I retorted.


 “I told you not to tell her about when we met,” he said defeatedly to my blushing Ma.
“Boys aren’t trustworthy” he attempted again.
“You are a guy!” I exclaimed.
“That’s how I know they aren’t!!!” He proclaimed.
Ah men!

She was a fun loving high schooler. He was a young engineering student.

He was an all India topper. She was a universal beauty.


He was her tutor. She was his distraction. He used to patiently ask her. “If you have 5 apples in one hand and 4 in the other. How many would you have?” She would confidently answer “20”

She dared him to sit in the strictly women’s only section of the church. He smilingly complied, charming all the ladies with his boyishness and wit.

He asked for his reward. She gave him a kiss. Dating for over 43 years. Married for over 36.

And no matter how old I grew, he always tried to tell me I was too young!

Ah Dads!

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